Striving, Photo by BradensEye featuring Autry Museum of the American West

Broadly Bent, Photo by BradensEye featuring Idaho-scape

Soft Spotting, Photo by BradensEye of a desirable closeup

Quieting the Monsters, Photo by BradensEye featuring a food for thought fav

Dawn of the Undead, Photo by BradensEye featuring Chasers of the Light October 2021 calendar poetry

Homespun Homage, Photo by BradensEye featuring a tiny fragment of her godmother’s Miracle Design artistry

Zinc: Warrior Princess, Selfie

My Psychedelic Muse, Selfie hamming it up with her Peacock Queen @oharafleming

Trophy Goals, Photo from BradensEye Archives of a throwback to her youthful age of excelling + taking its mantra into my present moment

Weathering Serenity, Photo from BradensEye Archives seeding the ease of her mom in a fav spot at Koki Beach


LOVER of life. Especially people, places, philanthropy and photography.

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