I’ll Have the Life with a Side of Compliments, Please, Photo and creation by BradensEye

There is no way kindness should ever be overrated. Compliments are the real reason speaking should remain. While practical for transitionary efforts, even though grunting was doing us just fine back in caveman days, a gesture of sincere flattery seems to be the best case I know for why we’re not all doomed to our own separate islands in a life of utter solace. A worthy compliment can make or break deafening silence, shaky knees speech syndrome, and turn the tides of self-confidence immediately. Cracking the ethical code of compliments is easier than tying your shoelaces or typing without looking at the keys. When executed earnestly, a thumbs up endorsement of your talents, the whoop of applause or the shy whisper about your bodacious tatas in that evening gown has their ways of celebrating your ego in style. I don’t know about every single one of you but I’ll hazard a guess that more than a few are in the camp with me of being a huge sucker for a heartfelt compliment.

I can live for two months on a good compliment. ~Mark Twain

Countless curmudgeons are ordering a fifth round of drinks due to me for this one. I realize plenty of people don’t see eye to eye with me in the giving so freely of adulation category. No offense to them (or you if you’re one of that pack), but I think they’re missing out (and that all could use more cuddles). This whole business of sharing a compliment isn’t difficult, doesn’t cost anything, and often your ROI (return on investment) of thought, breath, and time is exponentially advantageous. A little admiration here, another dose of interest there, a slice of thanks there, or a round of gratitude has always provided a knockout experience of the feel-goods for innards. You can shower compliments without knowing the person’s language or ever uttering a single word. On my latest Mexico visit, one favored young woman traded blowing kisses and hands in the ‘heart’ shape gestures with me for days since we couldn’t understand one another. Every time she got up to speak I’d follow suit again. Her motioning to the event photographer to take a photo with me lit my heart afire with goodness. It was also a sign implying she recognized I valued her knowledge, even if I couldn’t translate verbatim with my colleagues.

A compliment is verbal sunshine. ~Robert Orben

The other day I contacted a leading streaming company to sadly (sniff sniff) cancel my longstanding account with the aim to save a few bucks monthly in an economic budget downsizing I ordered for myself. I got one of the nicest customer service reps I’ve had in my history. I mean from his first sentence of: “Hello! How are you today?” to my reply of: “Hi! Thanks for being so friendly and how are you doing?” we clicked on a stride of courtesy. In the short process of my cancellation, this savings hero next offered to credit my account retroactively for a total of five months as further support for me. I initiated a final step by agreeing to complete the customer satisfaction survey about my phone call. It was only three minutes of my life, but I trust it likely makes a larger impact on this gentleman’s job security and sense of employment. The same thing went for a recent rideshare. I opened the door to find this astonishing dreadlocked extravagance atop the pretty head of my driver. She was so overcome with respect she asked how my flight had been and if anything special I’d like for the music in her car. Compliments don’t have to take up a bunch of time to work wonders.

If only life had come with a handbook. I think the first chapter would detail a lot about self-regard. Everything I know about optimism, happiness, sanity, health, longevity, ease, and that tameless tiger abundance have the DNA of complimentariness. We’re actually required to care about ourselves if we want to truly succeed at anything, in the least our livelihood. If you ever doubt how to give a compliment to anyone start with yourself. What do you most crave to hear about yourself that’s potent and cheerful? Then try taking the entire list of compliments you wish to receive and start lobbing them when appropriately deserved. Buttering someone up unnecessarily won’t win you any favors. However, plant those seeds of well-timed praise and you could wind your way into an entirely new caliber of living well. I’ve ended up in a few cushy VIP quarters, backstage concert venues, coveted dinner party invitations, the United Nations, and someone else’s truck piled to the brim with my belongings during much-needed moving aid all for the sake of well-placed complimentary actions.

You are more fun than anyone or anything I know, including bubble wrap. ~Unknown

I never met an authentic compliment I didn’t like. The quickest way for me to consider a romp in the sack with you is when you’ve given wanted immersion comments to my physique, not left out my intellect, and played to the strings of my heart. Add a side order of musical genius taste as an auditory compliment to how much you’ve been paying attention to my desires and we could be waking to breakfast in bed. Usual excellency of compliments in my world blends entertainment and humor with romance when at all possible. I try to make it a practice to compliment at least once a day. As someone who alternates herself between tons of humans, the occasional animal species, as well a lot of solo time, I’ve got my share of diversity on where to give a good compliment to keep myself on top of the benefits. Especially reflect on the garbage pickup team or a lot of our homeless population. Even the squirrels, lemon trees, mail carrier, and parking-meter person merit regular compliments.

Let your complimentary glories indulge way more than yourself.

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