In Step With Love, Semi-Selfie

What ails you is what can save you. But, Band-aids on gaping wounds won’t do the trick. I’m calling my own bluff. It’s time to make love to the shadows. Not to merely let them stage spooky dances I can entertain or ignore, moreso to develop a full-blown relationship with the devilish choreographies they’ve taken their sweet time to create. Surrendering to help hasn’t been my strong suit. For one, I came into this world like a “baby with a briefcase”, as a beloved healer Hazel Williams-Carter shared with me and many defining those of us inserted into a parenting dynamic fresh with enough troubles that as a child we took to fixing things a wee bit earlier than we could honestly handle. Left neglected, the pattern plays itself out poorly as we grow up. For everyone, a history of healing comes with the human territory. We immortalize ourselves in the flames of passion to disorientation demonstrated as we’re continually ripe for recovery.

Outer union is a result of inner union! ~@starblossomindia

Our innumerable layers of trauma, both personal to collective, we’ve found passed along through the dawning of time. That’s an incomprehensible weight of suffering unmended. Because it’s not a common conversation piece that we need to deal with ourselves intimately in terms of our choices of abuse, along with that of our lineage, we repetitively collapse in lieu of being cured. Brilliantly shared by Thomas Hübl, during instances where “I feel you feeling me” we interpret safe space. However, when your hurt, stressed, numb, under or overreaction to disembodiment, as well all drastic states setup predictable roadblocks. When unaligned with myself then no efforts with any other being or plan will ever sort the way that makes me shriek with joy for how wonderful life is. If I don’t stay deeply connected to me I lose any connective tissue formed or forming with another. The amount we give decently to ourselves correlates to the value magnitude we’re able to offer onward.

Our darkness is partially innocuous within its betrayals. Since it rarely chooses to disguise, all arrears with our light can release a sprawling case of venom. Ambivalent about its murky granular levels, gloom is hard to dismiss. The emergence of disastrous affairs always wants to win a staring contest with your peace. Dreary days live to interrupt the autopilot of happiness. No matter their clingy irritable nature, there’s unshakeable savvy in splicing this shade with our shine. In fact, the simple point is how necessary the two are together. For instance, from clouds we can trace the weather crucial for crops. So, my brain is the astronomer linking stars to call a constellation. It cannot help but wish to piece the purpose of pain to provide future pleasure. The architecture of the sky essentially belongs to no one anymore than I will be yours or his or hers or theirs. Such possession isn’t the same thing as a true connection. The latter a healer’s halo. We must forever modify to maintain improvement.

I’m looking out for you
Are ya looking down on me ~
Shovels & Rope, Carry Me Home

Say, I’m petitioning the universe to turn back time (yes, please, cue Cher, as I have) to May third. That guiltless date before I lost myself in the spasms of socializing a tad too sweetly for my unpracticed soul. I’m clear this reality is a fat chance in hades. Hence, bring in the calvary of curative tools! Detours are your route to recuperation. I’ve received enough pummeling previously through recently to be aware I’m clearly overdue for a new historically hormonal change. Here’s where my trusted friend ‘rituals’ knocks off her vacation to come wrap her cozy arms warmly around my psyche. Taking restorative measures into therapeutic graces is the procedure for painting over adversity with a tranquility tonic. A primary problem, besides mentioning a first world problem, is perceiving that any particle of humanity gets past going forward easily without wads of wading in healing treatment pools aplenty.

We are the most deadly weapons we own. I think it’s fair to report that all of the disharmonies run amuck to more rabid gun violence to domestic, racial tensions, warring, or murderous senselessness falls quite concurrent with the aggravated assault-style risk we weigh on ourselves incessantly. The analogous significance I’m aiming at is how we use our own behavior against our very best selves. Piercing the prophylactic attitude that you’ll save yourself by maximizing healthy habits is major mastery. Your presence, not your penetration, is what makes the difference to me. I bear respect through the context of associating with your heavy and your heart. Let’s leave ghosting to the ghosts, shall we?! We heal by emerging with our mire, not by letting it ooze corruption in pursuing immature fashion. Bonds are ties to knowing the seriousness of living is weird enough that assessing the discovery of all nourishing modalities is extremely clever.

Let’s cuddle the curable aspects of our character.

LOVER of life. Especially people, places, philanthropy and photography.

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