A Love Letter to My Other Mother

Her Living Arms, Photo by BradensEye

She’s the relationship you should stay committed to for life. She’s no passing affair. Cheating on her is akin to the death of halting your own air. Though, she’s grateful even when we’re unfaithful to hateful. Mother Earth is the breakup you never want to waste. As with all mothers, you might not agree with all of her taste. But, she’ll always have riches to balance the methods you disgrace. She birthed you this Eden. From floating to flying or gardening to high-rising, she’s put up with your personal originalities compared to her natural charms. She’s brought you up in the trust that you’d care for her tenderly. All she’s ever asked is that we respect her affectionately. Therefore, it’s about time we stop destroying our collective greatest love of all. The maker of the ground that holds you; the skies to soil to plant ratios that allow your breathing; the fountain for watering your food sources; the cradle of your chances to continue creating anything.

To leave the world better than you found it, sometimes you have to pick up other people’s trash. ~Bill Nye

I have lived for love
But now that’s not enough ~
Julian Lennon, Saltwater

You shake, quake, bake, shudder, roll, rollick, rage, scream, tear at your seams, and cry for our attention. Yet, we’re still missing many of your key wisdom points it seems. I, for one, hear you. I know some others do too. I’m unconditionally imploring we remember your generosity. You’ve kept a lot of us clothed, fed, watered, and marveling. As with me, you’ve one-hundred percent managed many people’s sanity. Like all loving mothers, you’ve forgiven our mistakes. Equally, you’ve scolded and punished appropriately. Discipline is difficult for the bulk to take in. Ergo, you’ve championed our sympathy with rainbows to rain, miles of mountains, and the essence of your beauty radiating throughout cavities we’ve caused environmentally. Your star quality is rating far beyond any mortal celebrity. So far, you’re immortal. I suggest we really aim harder to understand that mercy. May we never forget that love is genuinely gracious but protecting you is the only way.

We Should All Follow Her Lead, Photo by BradensEye

May you rejoice in Earth Day every single day.

LOVER of life. Especially people, places, philanthropy and photography.

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