A Wasteful Proclamation

All in a Day’s Waste, collected by BradensEye

Why are we trashing trash? I mean dumping, casting away, abandoning items that were ours and we decided not to deal with them. This is a story about the core of humanity, as it directly relates to the core of our Earth Mother. This is a wasteful proclamation where I’m going to suggest a philosophical leaning towards my most liberal bents. None of this should dissuade. This does not leave anyone out. This is for everyone.

Here it is — What if we took full responsibility… for every single item we buy or have. What if everything we throw away so easily we were instead required to get rid of on our own land, by our own hands, during our own entire lifetimes. That’s so very much that many of us would need to buy our own acres to house private landfills! So why are we expecting others to care for our debris?

I was born with a humanitarian heart. I have conservation in my blood cells. I think all the atoms bouncing around in me beg for better solutions. My brain has lived a life of caring for as long as I can recollect. What’s has happened in the half-life state is the spontaneous explosions of disbelief that our blessed blue marble is crying for our help and we’re continuing to discard her pleas as carelessly as we toss items in the bin. Our rubbish I allege is rubbish!

I reckon that radical thinking hasn’t always ended in accolades. On occasion, it has gotten us one giant leap ahead. Therefore, that’s all I’m broadcasting today. I submit this manifesto for conscious consideration of all our stuff. I bid you stay awake during your waking hours and think this through to its end. If everything you purchased and used was legally required by only you to be dealt with, then would you still be buying it, or hesitating to let long-held family items go somewhere unknown, instead carefully making use of them further to make certain they’re used in a new space well?

If every single wrapper or container of a food or drink item was up to you to keep or make use of in your own way further, do you think you’d shop differently? I guess many of us would be hearty gardeners growing our own, and many others would make use of fresh or farmers markets for food offered without the fussy packaging. I figure we’d heavily weigh the needs and wants conversation rigorously. I believe frugal would be the new rich. I venture community would take on a much more wealthy meaning and being, as sharing would proliferate. After all, sharing is caring. Just think of our health too!

Imagine the plastic industry going out of business. Fantasize our oceans sea life doing happy backflips for the conservation we would be giving them, which in turns provides so much to us. Reason the trees bearing more fruits to feed us well in thanks. There’s so much room to breathe when we have room for life rather than rottenness and disconnect.

Try this — spend a single day collecting all the items you were going to throw out. I mean everything: food if you don’t clean your plate or finish something, all food and drink containers, paper you write upon or use, pens you write with, cigarettes or tobacco you smoke or chew, diapers and poop, toilet tissue, leftover soap, rubber bands for your hair or miscellaneous, and so on. ALL of it. Collect it all for one whole day. Then surmise what you’d do with each bit if it never left your sight. Could those scraps of food feed another person or pet? Maybe plastic or paper packaging could be cut in halves to make cups or bowls? What if you only blew your nose into the grass or a stream out of harm’s way, not wasting tissues? I’m merely exercising the impression that if you ‘see’ all that you personally rid yourself of without much of a thought you might begin to spend your time and money in more careful ways.

The evolution of garbage is an interesting and treacherous tale. We even have records of junking up outer space! Recycling, regular, or compost doesn’t matter. It’s all goods that we’re not making such good effort about to be wary. We’re a defiantly cavalier bunch. Yet, I have a hunch there are enough of us lovers of this luminous body that if we keep at it we might change the tides. And for which my bright side keeps a light on to change the actual manifest trash that embeds our should-be-pristine shores and harbors. If you do an internet search for ‘conservation’ there is a whole lot to review. Recently this 2018, the Los Angeles Times printed an editorial opinion piece urging for the single-use plastics ban. I first fell deeply in love with this appeal at the TEDx: Great Pacific Garbage Patch event in 2010, hosted by the impeccable Plastic Pollution Coaltion. That was eight years ago and here we are again. This is so much a history repeating itself mimicking an insanity personality situation. The same thing occurs over and again producing a tragic result. Yet we allow it to keep going badly. We are the change we’re waiting for.

Enough enough. I love all of you and this blue spectacle of beauty too much! Let’s rewire our brilliant brains together in collective unison to turn wasteful into not wasted. Let’s proclaim this planet worthy of our every minute detailed action. Let’s turn garbage collectors and recycling center workers worldwide into laborers of love — those who upcycle and collect only useful things to be distributed among designated souls that truly need it. Let’s MacGyver our way to the best choices and best living we’ve ever dreamed it may be.

I admit I’m no saint in this. And I shudder thinking what I’d do with all I usually trash daily if I had to keep up it all on my own. Case in point is the photo I included today. This was a ‘good’ day’s intake of my muck (leaving out the poop and pee, with matching toilet tissues), i.e. not a large amount of waste. I’ve stared at these items for a long time contemplating what I could do adversely to combat the need for any of these items. Food shopping stands out as the easiest and fastest change for me. I appreciate any feedback if anyone is compelled to share thoughts and resources with me too.

I have optimal days of conserving in my life and some really poor days. The biggest lesson I’ve taken in this is to keep going forward. Don’t beat yourself up over how much you’re not doing. Recognize your victories when they occur. Be your own cheerleader. Gently educate others. If they watch how easy, yummy, and useful it is for you to live well a different way, then it will be much easier for them to copy you and try it on for themselves. Forge dynamite distinctions among your peers and I promise they will want to be more like you. In turn, this filters to their kids, friends, and families. Revolution is arousing in the right forms.

Take this model example — A few times a year, dear friends of mine open their swanky Malibu mansion to a bevy of babes (upwards of one hundred usually) for a clothing swap day. This has become an infamous affair. The hubby and selected male friends cater to the ladies like any exceptional resort I’ve ever visited. They dress their best attire, valet our vehicles, serve us opulent food and drinks, offer massages, sort all our good condition, but used, clothing + housewares, books, and more. We trade the items we don’t wish to use any longer in exchange for things we would like to use. We don’t go spend hard earned money on more new things to keep the consumer market raging. In fact, I’ve bought new clothing items about three times in the last three years only. Picture your favorite friends gathering to divvy up items you don’t wish to use any longer, but have cared for decently. You may go far and beyond too. Shuffle around your technology, or cars, or literally whatever.

Michael Jacobson, Center for the Study of Commercialism, 1993

Help bring the proverb “waste not, want not” to new life by reforming your needs as a planetary champion. Help turn proclaiming more things into reclaiming value for what already is.

LOVER of life. Especially people, places, philanthropy and photography.

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