Addiction Afflictions

4 min readDec 6, 2021
Living Is Forgiving at Large, Photo by BradensEye featuring the streets of Los Angeles #hansoloe

Letting go and holding on are art forms. The proper version of each, that is. What’s suitable for you individually won’t line up the same for everyone else. Seizing whatever is healthfully appealing versus suffocating our own safety to nirvana involves serious psychological gymnastics. Obsessions in the wrong hands lend themselves to lots of troubles. Some of those may seem mild to a passerby or easily tamed to the flippant observer. However, things that are into our skin so thoroughly that they seep creepily under too many inches so that we wind up flagrant abusers of all sorts of insane idiosyncrasies is a height of human foibling. We’re essentially emotional blobs of body puttering around. Flow is a focus upon why the energy of action matters. It fetches the transportation of gliding on the contrary to grating every surface. If events are in our favor, it’s our custom to barely consider our loose or tight needs. Although, when wrought with addiction afflictions lopsidedness assails.

in not being carried but riding
the currents and eddies
of the human torrent. ~
Christopher Reid, The Song of Lunch

Certain stages are the setting for what the future will foretell. I’ve long thought that the “shadow” part of this “foreshadowing” is a wee bit of wryly humorous imitation. Ordinarily exhaustively aligned, any sleepover visitation with my matriarchal womb-bearer is a Petri container for proving if my personal progression amounts to continued success. My mother’s sobriety in one word is a definitive godsend. With zero doubt, I can vouch for my entire family and countless strangers’ sanity to this effect. Nevertheless, character affects prevail. Learning to use our proclivities as an advantage not merely for ourselves and inclusively for anyone we might ever encounter is a powerful stance for understanding awareness of our self. To control our influences so that they’re occurring as dulcet surges compared to token soakers of poop spawning spores of core poop is of key prestige.

Giving yourself good voltage permits stabilization regardless of situation. It’s me agreeing to accompany my mom to her AA Old Central haunt I’d not attended in years. Where I’m the sole Covid-mask-wearer. When therefore I believe, I’m targeted to stand up to speak to a crowd of alcoholics and druggies on the day’s…


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