Alphabet of Independence

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What the World Needs Now Selfie

Consider this is an era of engagement. Socially and physically we’re drawn into groups, likes, supposed friends, being influenced, yet entirely resulting over and again with a lack of community. I think a true test of beneficial community is the arc of trusted independence. When single souls are upheld by belief in the equality of self, there is room for connected community. Until we love individually we cannot anticipate love for all.

Many are losing their way, fighting for a way, wishing they could see a way, or ignoring a way. Let’s show those who need our help the true meaning of the beauty of independence. Let’s stand for the strength upon which America was meant to be. Embark as if your livelihood depends solely upon your level of freedom. Take charge to charge your realm with the glory of an independently strong and loving set of actions.

The world needs our love now. The world deserves our peace right now. So, in honor of a fondness for what I wish for America’s Independence Day, may you discover some room for independence creation in order that you may better love yourself and those around you.

A to Z with me through this list of positively independent statues of (un)limited attributes. May you recognize where you might strive to be more independent yourself, support another who is lacking independence or be called to carve a streak of supportive independence beyond. See where you can stand taller, stronger, wiser, greater for the good for all. We’re not all born in a land of the (supposed) free, yet each of us deserves a right to be as free as the next.

A is for Activism: This means to me a level of accountability and awareness to speak up and take action to help keep the mantra of equality and acceptance for all flowing.

B is for Brave: It takes bravado to be who you truly are from the inside out mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, politically, religiously, thoroughly, wisely, and thoughtfully.

C is for Courage: Walking side by side with daring to be honest for yourself and for others is this determination to sleep with fear, but face its challenge daily.

D is for Dreaming: I’ve always been permitted and encouraged to dare to think big, beyond my means, wish or believe in possibilities that didn’t involve the world into which I was necessarily born receiving, so that I may consider to achieve any of these wildest dreams.

E is for Education: Access to learning broadens the scope of accomplishment and furthers the benefit of self, along with the planet.

F is for Freedom: Having my own bank account, car, choice of home or activities, contributing and controlling my financial wealth, allows me to be a citizen of free good will.

G is for Grace: I was raised with heaps of etiquette, which instills guts and assumes grace, especially once you begin blending outside your usual comfort zones of mixed race, ethnicities, cultures, and places of interest, but where the true test of your gracefulness shows.

H is for Heroism: Every day I meet heroes on the streets of my life and every day there’s space where I’m called to see if there’s still a hero operating within me. Digging deep of self doesn’t rise easily always, but is available in dark times, tough times, crisis of self or with others. Choose it. I promise you’ll be better for it.

I is for Internet: I’m sure you’ve heard there are still places around this blue ball of swirling magic that doesn’t permit internet access, censor it, or simply don’t access it at all. Those each are true. The internet is a wealth of expertise at our fingertips, so cultivate the wisdom and forego the dark nonsense. So, for us who’ve been given the right to explore, let’s use it for good and keep it in check as so.

J is for Justice: There is just no exclusion in inclusion. A fair and reasonable ability for all to live justly, safely, soundly, and soulfully is the peaceful path of sincere integrity.

K is for Kindness: I feel philanthropy of self, pocketbook, and spirit supports superior magnanimity of independence. Kindness is a currency we cannot afford to keep out of the economy. Let us exercise empathy, as it will defeat all evil.

L is for Love: True liberty leaps through space without bounds or conditions and this is what true love is all about.

M is for Marriage: Our sense of communion equates with our treatment of community. Our interpretation for union of intimate relationships, and marriage of business, career, or family speaks to our prosperity.

N is for Neighborly: Generosity accounts for nobility in my book. Good-natured, non-violent, nourishing neighborly behavior ought not be a novelty. Cheers to the bedrock of treating your neighbor as well as you want to be treated. The highest form of independence I know is knowing you’re no better than another. I’ll call this independence of actualization.

O is for Openness: Originality shapes the very human condition. An openness to receive that which is unknown to you prior is the essence of what’s afforded many the life they have now through generations of innovation that came before. Be eager to be open to the new and the world is your oyster.

P is for Partnership: Quite the opposite of dictatorship and quite the succinct responsibility each should have unto another, for privilege is a human right and not human condition.

Q is for Quiet: If you cannot find the space to be mindful and quiet the chatter from the news, others, the noise and chaos the world will offer often, there won’t be room for your independence to steer you well.

R is for Resilient: Like water falling over craggily rocks, our movements over, through, or around life works wonders when such mobility is formed with tools of empowerment and enlightenment. Resilience is the action point for a triumph of fierce independence won for all.

S is for Sex: Connotation has a funny way of biting us in the historical ass, as it were. Sex has been a range from taboo to free-form wielding expression to a deadly epidemic. At the root, sex is the gift of individuality for everyone. Sex suggests our self-proclamation, self-worth, self-identity, self-love, self-value, self-continuation, and self-capacity when handled safely.

T is for Travel: Transformation is akin to a flight to a foreign place for the first time. Travel provides an opportunity to reach and see beyond borders you think exist, to understand the only real barriers are the ones you’ve imagined in your mind but aren’t really alive if you get outside your perceived mind view.

U is for Undiscovered: What we don’t yet know won’t kill us; it just might be our savior. Just because we have yet to explain all of the universes, the oceans depths, or the exact proof of God, shouldn’t fail us for reaching farther. All that is undiscovered is left for our infinity as continuous curiosity bundle of ever-unfolding excellence to further humanity.

V is for Voting: Rights are the advantage of a respected people. Your power to secure your place with supporting the decision-making process is part of what keeps your freedoms from waning. Vote. Promote voting. Make sure others who are eligible vote too.

W is for Work: We created a structure long ago within which we strive to strut our work to pay for our life. I subscribe mostly to the adage: Work to live. Do not live to work. When we love our work we are loving our living. In this form of working with love, we are better for ourselves and all are better.

X is for Xenial: I’ve long favored navigating new words. Xenial jumped at me with sweet friendliness. The definition relates of hospitality between guest and host, especially among ancient Greeks referring to persons of different cities. Including the meaning of xenial seemed important to me in that the energy of independence I’m speaking about honors this quality of character.

Y is for You: Exactly as you are, this unique person who’s never been before and as no other ever will be, is a remarkable gift to society. Make the most of your independent brilliance as you’re able.

Z is for Zest: The spirit of life is a quest for eternal zest. Relish the zeal in your heart and intensity of fulfilling your passions through zestful being.

In whatever country you live in, land from which you come, or language and culture you identify, you’re my brother or sister. You’ll always have a place next to me.





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