Shameless, Semi-Selfie

Oh, the sweet ‘crime’ of impurities. Watching out for those lurking lures into our more decadent to devious behavior can be a roll in the hay of hilarity. In general, people don’t want to applaud addictions. I agree… partially. You see, I think on the opposing side of our unhealthy perversions lies a landscape of sinfully sacred misdemeanors. Between keeping it straight-laced to sane, sometimes we just need to let off steam, unwind, or dine in the delicacies of a worthy taste of private badassery. Furthermore, no one has to know about your transgressions unless you’ve given them the keys to your kingdom. Trespassing into our alternative vices is a romp in the holy playground we each warrant. I feel that those with whom I’ve cavorted in the savory lips of (im)moral meanderings have being escorted through a sumptuous scenery for which they’ll eternally thank me.

The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are. ~Carl Jung

Your biggest injustice will be failing to thoroughly be whoever you’re meant to be. Not all naughty things are necessarily bad for you. It’s taken me a solid couple of decades to earn the learning about why me loving whatever the heck it is I’m into is cool, so long as I estimate that it’s kosher personally to outwardly. I don’t mind if you don’t agree with my proclivities. It only bothers me when someone enforces their commentary upon me as if it’s supposed to change my state of living. For example, don’t make me a villain if you’re not into skin when you know I’m ok with being nude in certain venues. I’m not disrupting your clothed tree. My only loving caution is for anyone of us to consider not throwing our naked body parts around the interwebs nor texts too freely, please. An amazingly appropriate extension is when people give away their form as artistic expression.

I’ll see your special life sauce and raise you one giant opportunity! You can have your drunken binges or your diamond-encrusted cigarette flailing ways. Just allow me to sink deeply into my devilishly soaking debauchery topped with a tequila ice cream mixer. While a longtime lover of jacuzzi soothing pretty much anywhere I’ve ever stumbled across one of them, it wasn’t until just last week that a fact dawned on me to note amongst huge giggles how hot tubs are a gateway drug for me currently and historically. All bets for my normal code of conduct are quickly torn away from my fascia. It’s Sundancing with stars VIPness (aka no celebrity names will be revealed) or an evening under the Vail nighttime sky stars amidst snowfall. There’s been the astronomical staggering number of house to villa-sitting gigs with enough water-wielding basins of wonder that I never wanted to leave.

Don’t let me save you of this wrong
I am an anchor, sinking on ~
Panic! at the Disco, Trade Mistakes

I am a wild child. Born to be free of conventions, cavort with nature and my imagination, as well as pulling pleasure from every earthly source that allows me its marrow. Will you be the bones with my muscle? Or, in the least, I beg you to keep the thick drapes of your institutions to yourself. For, when I was a young, I’d suck the honey straight from the flowery vine, pluck wild onions, strawberries, and blackberries to eat. My feet rarely saw shoes, for the ground was plenty of support. And, besides, bare soles are as sexy as bare souls. I dreamed of boys kissing me that would taste as sweet as that honey. Each time I’m back in the South this reverie repeats. Heated whirlpool bathings are vehicles that toss me easily into such atmospheric musing. I drink their gulps with my feet kicked up in the lap of luxury, nestled in the coziest sanctuary of sublimity tucked in the wet hills of saturated seeping.

What destroys me equally defines my superpowers. Matching my wit to all surroundings has clarified my use of variantly effective vices. Not unlike my affection for the outcome from fluff forward in my beloved flick True Romance. Maybe you’re of the dapper suits vibe that clicks solidly with skirts in three-inch heels. I bake my past in solo respite a lotta nights binging movies with meaning until anew dawn that I trust will bring the brilliance of many unknown gifts we could never have seen. May the length of your gratitude span as far as the sun’s arc and the planets rotate time. There is cheer in new year offerings. Whether some must dig like they believe in finding China on the other side to get to it. Mine often arrives with bubbles gurgling from plush watering holes. Present moment Aloha style. The elements of our favorite flings aren’t reserved for savage defiance. Benevolent love affairs can intervene even within the most sexually leaky corruption. Trying to stay ahead of or blended with the melt is vital.

Where I C(r)ave, Photo by BradensEye

Let’s remove the wrong from wrongdoing and you stick to exploring your OMG.

LOVER of life. Especially people, places, philanthropy and photography.

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