Ambassadors of AWEsomeness

4 min readJun 22, 2022
Facing It, Photo by BradensEye featuring a fab face of WDS: Benny Lewis

Agents of astounding change. Just let that one sizzle on your tongue and slide deeply inside of your noggin for a moment… or a lifetime. I think that everyone spends the majority of their growing ages searching for ‘their’ colony. To some, it could be a village, your neighborhood, big apple lights, that sense of tribe, a citizenry republic of like-minded company who are far from toolbags, or merely a peachy combination of a dash from each of these that have artfully unearthed an existence that doesn’t involve rocketships requiring an exodus to other orbits to attain. Conceiving a population of common ground outliers is quite an ingenious treaty. Yet, thanking the ever-loving stars I was birthed under, that’s exactly what a wallflower, self-professed introvert, albeit conjoined to my cosmopolitan bucking-the-norm entrails, Chris Guillebeau dude I’d hadn’t met gratefully did back in 2011. Ambassadors of AWEsomeness barely crack the crème de la crème code that makes these humans my spirit animals.

Nobody puts Baby in a corner. ~Johnny Castle by Patrick Swayze, Dirty Dancing

Grit divided by execution might as well be eleven-tenths of the universal mathematical law of brain-bending isms. The ways of the world don’t typically roll out red carpets for most of us along every inch of our choosing. Even when the goings are getting good, the chances for hoopla to bring us irritating hiccups is pretty predictable. Realizations won’t simply land in our lap because we willed them so. An unconventional throng of urges is necessary to convene and repeatedly provoke powerful thoughts. Reverands’ to multi-pierced or timid teens, couples (finally) fulfilling their lifelong dreams, plus even Chris the creator reinventing himself away from the status quoing crowds and crooning it loudly enough that it all settles as the warmest soup angelically ordered, then showing up to my core inner island over and again to make sure I’m reminded of the endless options FACT of living. Set loose the phenomenal immersiveness that is street-lingoed known as ‘WDS’.

Cornering the market on a magnetizing mission of any caliber is as easily muddled and mighty as that darn Excaliberating sword stuff. Although I mean, if you’ve got the cajones to call your original conference the World Domination Summit then you’ve already earned the brownie points to wield as stunning…


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