A Manor of Taste, Semi-Selfie Photo by BradensEye featuring Mary Mae’s artistic phrase

Getting the hang of honing our captivity is a lesson in self-mutation. COVID-19’s reach hasn’t let too many inches of earth escape. Therein, our individual big-blue-marble planetary options lifestyle has demanded substitutions from those of us unaccustomed to delivering influence to a limited territory. On the flip side, what’s governed many long-time stay-at-home schoolers, parents, retirees, or just as legions of indisposed to incarcerated persons can be our reward for this time of involuntary change. That being the meaningful capability to disinfect all restlessness with the repair of home’s safety. When we summon a sense of satisfaction we create through enough tethering to comforts which affect considerable calm. Ambrosial aboding is a procedure whereby we unreservedly empower ourselves with the tools to craft our sanctuary. The rule of this reign is peoples privy for leveraging whatever already exists coupled with access.

A healthy outside starts from the inside. ~Robert Urich

Case in point: If you’re reading this, you’re alive, you’re breathing, you do exist ~ YEAH, for you winning against the perpetrator! A positive outlook for endurance arrives through adjusting your prospects to fit with stability. We’re able to alter elements of dreaded episodes simply by new thinking and doing. What’s on our insides combines both our physical to mental body individually and, likewise, in this context comprises the interior residing of where these bodies are having to guard those very capacities from that beast known colloquially as ‘the virus’. By this estranged batty twist of fate, our world gone warped has been spiked with the construct for vast rooms for improvement. No longer merely the esoteric dormitory of our psyche, yet exactly on par to incorporate its intelligence, it’s the chambers we lodge in that we must meet graciously to accommodate. Energetically affirming you can fall into a passionate embrace with your current space.

I think one of the friendliest things about me is how easily I adapt to whatever location I’m in. It’s been an acquired taste of places. I’ve taken myself renegade-rounding the globe without my own personal residence thirteen years, seven months and lots of exchanges as of this posting. That’s insane to my membrane, let alone the continued chattering commentary from family to friends the entire time. The present-day irony lands like a soft breeze upon my landscape. Without a specific spot I must fill (contrary to you out there with your apartment, your house, your boat, your bunkering), this pandemic climax afforded me more leisurely decision-making. Sure, I still needed to have a hole to camp in for a hiatus. But, my options were a wider net than most. Equally, any projecting led me to prospects of grandiosity to allow me to convene with various family to friends I adore. Would it be Nashville, Virginia, one of the Carolina’s or Hawaii? Picking ultimately became a time-sensitive numbers game.

How can I keep from moving
Now I need a change of scenery ~
Clasp Your Hands Say Yeah, The Skin of My Yellow Country Teeth

Even all the cozy creatures who relish their domesticity might feel inundated with the amount of connection everyone is producing compared to what used to be their roosted serene scene. The universe providing me a rockin’ lush living aloha fueling stop to dear cousins I hadn’t seen since the turn of the 21st century is pure grade exemplary trust of the wild traveling that brings a myriad of homes to me. Dwelling itself can be manicured to messy. While dwelling in someone else’s bastion of beauty lends toward a fortification of grace. Acceptance of our status means we don’t have to give over to awkward states. Partnership has never been so tested it seems. Systems of sharing and supporting are the movements we should seek to crave. You setting up housing for me equates as me methodically cleaning to making stellar use of the goods you’ve been willing to hunt down for my isolating. Such as homemade blender soup from local salad greens with avocado. Talk about appetizing real estate to wait out brutality!

Labour is known to compose plenty of laboriousness. Birthing isn’t usually synonymous with cushy contentment. In the least, that big ol’ head to your bum is supposed to squish through a rather small ‘doorway’ before it locates the stretch of freedom’s latitude to receive real elbowroom for a newfangled ‘property’ beginning. I think we’re all being asked to source new bearings. To help hatch a defrosting of any freeze from our fears I find the vigor we put into sprucing our habitat we illicit the decompression thawing rescue. No matter transitory impermanence like me or your stability, you may place art around, ignite pleasing scents, and utterly intake tons of remedy through imaginative feeding. Nutrition is food plus all types of soul-nurturing. A nap at ten in the morning to naked dining all day. Isolation can be an excuse to play with your traditions to expectations of yourself. Making love to your home (as well making love often in your home for you lucky robust relationship doves conjoined in exile) is my hearty wish for your nourishing.

Aim for mouth-watering maintenance of your survival for optimizing your acclimatizing.

LOVER of life. Especially people, places, philanthropy and photography.

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