Blooming, Photo by BradensEye featuring Lily

The thing about growing is that it’s not always up. We do grow up in that sense of gaining years to our age. We can’t quite stop the clock of skin to bones to eyes or teeth changing. Although, like the cultivation of a significant garden space, we can welcome the expansiveness of all sorts of ways our developments envelop. Why we might grow along at a stream’s trickling pace. While some of the times our growth can fall from grace. I’ve grown as wide as I’ve grown tall and seen others do the same. There have even been those trickier side-winding flourishings that took their sweet, confused intervals before raising me. This ode to growing is seeded in tribute to my beloved goddaughter Lily Patterson on her fifteenth day. From her achieved age of fifteen through all of my fifty I’ve wound up learning a lot. And just in case you thought there wasn’t something tailored for you inside this story-telling illustration, I promise it’s locked and loaded with at least one juicy rumination for all to embrace!

Time is a dressmaker specializing in alterations. ~Faith Baldwin

  1. All molecules, all days, are aligning in your favor! I’m not kidding. There are unforeseen forces that brought us into this living scene. They’re not out to get you. There is a master plan that’s quintessentially labeled our outstanding mystery. I beg you to give over to its elegance. Even when you see, hear or read the darkest of things, there are mercies external to these measures accounting for things.
  2. God will always have your back. Even though you might wonder in loneliness or struggle feeling very much like this is not the case in some instances, the silver lining will reveal itself eventually.
  3. You will be beautiful every single day of your life. Beauty is in every pore of every single person. If we forget, it is the mere failure to surround ourselves with the best people and the simple fact that we’re looking at the wrong things. If you ever miss this you can feel free to contact me ASAP to indulge you with all of the incredible things about your particularities. (This goes for all of you!)
  4. You are as worthy as the Dalia Lama, any of those micro to major celebrities you follow, your siblings, that lottery winner, and the host of angels who watch over you. Part of your harmonizing with getting into the grooves of living well includes syncing to those who believe in your worthiness.
  5. Noting the seraphs and spirits beyond, there’s plenty going on in the ethers we cannot see. Same as the flock of ancestors you’ve never met to the ones who move on while you’re here. Just because it’s not right there to point to is no excuse for dismissing.
  6. Family is your rock. Regarding the incidents when you get off track with them, recognize that your blood is your ultimate cheerleading team. I mean it! No matter the hurdles, they want you to succeed.
  7. You’ll meet a plethora of people from relatives you live with, those extended therein, through schooling, community, personal interests, adventuring, working, career and so on. Within all of these groups, you decide who is your reliable tribe ~ the ones you want to save closely as your lifer keepers. As well, noting some will come and go; just as some will come to stay.
  8. Guarding the design of letting people and things go, you shall make less issues for yourself in all maneuvers when you operate with less drama. Please consider yourself in all that you do, but also weigh everything else within all occurrences. Point of view is actually the proficiency for seeing through others’ eyes and standing in their shoes.
  9. Respect should be a requirement in all of your doings and beings. The glory of respect is that the more you dish it out the larger the helpings come to you.
  10. Your body is a sacred temple. By sacred and temple I intend exactly that ~ true worship. You get to decide who you share that with every second you’re alive. Much like you have a sense of holiness at church, so do I wish for you to remain holy with your physical being. Those you allow to worship your tenderness ought only be those of virtuous merit. That’s it.
  11. No and yes are famous words. They’re suitable in all kinds of sizes, shapes, colors, authority, and permissions. Become friendly with them. They are your best friends in a multitude of manners.
  12. Let etiquette, courtesy, and politeness be your principle behavior.
  13. Stand firm in your convictions and your life will magnetize those persuasions.
  14. Similarly, make room for a good bit of sway. While you might be one who’s typically unwavering through and through, I find it’s very sensible to account for ample change.
  15. You can be oh so clever, but mark it with deep roots of integrity.
  16. Communication is the essential language you’re here to explore how to speak.
  17. Talents aren’t solely for stages or screens. Nor are they to be tied up only with marketing things. Sure, possibly indeedy. Your strengths might be ice cream tasting, staying awake late into the evening, walking dogs, or being a child-whisperer. Applauding all areas where we excel is far better than a mantle full of awards.
  18. You technically have more than one mother ~ Mother Earth, I’m referring to. Handle her nature and our environment as if it were your own mom.
  19. Loyalty mimics fidelity. Usually pure, this will precisely complicate if there are factual faults.
  20. Tears will be assigned and sprinkled about, which I’m not so sorry to say. Sorrow has within it stretches of education I’m still piecing together today.
  21. Loss is a given. The sooner you are able to wrap this into your folds the longer your genius grows.
  22. If any day or moment neglects, hurts or breaks you, hold in your mind that tomorrow is always pending to reset you.
  23. Relaxation, rest, sleep and her cousin ‘dreams’ are super indispensable belongings.
  24. Touching on dreams, I’ve found them mostly an imaginative realm for creativity to productivity. However, I’ve realized during the times I would drink alcohol or use recreational drugs, as well as taking many medicines our world has manufactured, that I would not recall my dream stories. While I’m not preaching your choices, I’m merely presenting the option that the less checked-out you ever are the higher your ingenuity.
  25. Experimentation is a vast canvas to paint.
  26. There are some very special experiences only you are meant to partake in this life. I imagine you may have felt the spark from some of them already or even tasted from their grace so far. These are the reasons you’re living. While it’s not about crafting or catching them so much as it’s about adoring their existence when you notice them, I want you to know that they’re a happening for every soul.
  27. Concerning soul, you should understand there’s a cosmic, philosophical plane where you’re infinity. The qualified identical of him, her, them, and so on.
  28. Be a leader. Not in all things, but a champion of some. Perhaps you’re the leader of laughter amongst your bestest friends. Else, you adore leading the charge to the shotgun front seat of the car. On the other hand, poetry or painting to singing or sky-diving could be sovereignty.
  29. May the effectiveness of your friendships, relationships, and partnerships be a potent influence of effervescence.
  30. Whenever able, choose professional business that causes you to leap and rise.
  31. Savor live conversations, moonlit walks on beaches under a heavy blanket of stars, and counting the candles on each of your cakes.
  32. Hand-written letters, notes, drawings and things you make or bake yourself are far more priceless than anything you can buy.
  33. Honor your elders: from all ages above you. They have lessons of value tucked in every crease.
  34. Vulnerability is sexy. Be straight with yourself. Be honest and show authenticity.
  35. Functioning without curiosity is of zero benefit to humanity.
  36. Favor support over disdain. I try to apply this everywhere I go. And you know I go a lot of places! Meaning, the notion of logically maintaining the safety of one’s space, all the while being open to stranger things, new people, customs, cultures, and everything between. Some of the more powerful knowledge I’ve gained comes through the occasions I didn’t shy away just because a circumstance was unfamiliar to me.
  37. Appreciation ~ your golden ticket to turning any situation around in your service.
  38. That which you put in is generally that which you’ll receive. If you try to tackle a heels-up exclusivity, you’re liable to be waiting for an awfully lengthy duration.
  39. Manifestation, like prayer, is a real thing. The element often left off of the thinking is your level of trust. Be solid in that and the majority of this will seem a living dream.
  40. Permit legacy to be the reward for living your individual extremes.
  41. Seek the corners and crevices of freedom’s ring. Everyone, every creature, in every inch of this planet, deserves freedom. If your passage winds a few delivering’s of carefree to others, well then I dare say you’ve struck riches exceeding billionaire bank status.
  42. Animals were first. Don’t ever decline to revere that.
  43. Have fun! Lots and lots and lots and LOTS of fun. If you’re weak in the fun department, have a fun defect, or fun has all but collapsed from your periphery, I command that fun be the next treasure that comes your way!
  44. Vision is a divination tactic for sustaining connection to source.
  45. Use sympathy, empathy, and compassion blended in unison.
  46. This comprehensive, holistic, exhaustive (at times), impeccably (I’m)perfect journey is your greatest gift.
  47. Faith is akin to purpose and therefore analogous with energy, which is kindred with faith.
  48. Reach into this entire universe with and from your heart ~ that is your golden godsend key.
  49. Be someone that others sidle up to for inspiration; to rely upon; to treat to once-in-a-lifetime memories.
  50. Patience is gonna help you heed all the prior leanings. Oops, did I leave off ‘heaps’ with this origin? Yes, please insert that at the onset of this sentence; maybe bold and with caps, as in HEAPS of…!

I want you to soar
Don’t doubt anymore…
You’re the one
You are the only one ~
The Head and the Heart, Honeybee

The magic of adding moments that turn into birthdays and some decades aplenty is the ability to escape from our former mistakes. Becoming is a ripening place wherein we may garner glances at history with less flurry in our approach. We may begin to sharpen our techniques. We can hope to simply sprout transformations, enlightenment, and that friendly force called wisdom. Equally, we can put in tons of effort toward accepting the same. Even when the stakes fluctuate, we may grant discovery its due to adapt our hues into rainbows or whatever pleasant viewing we prefer. For the path of figuring it out is exactly what you’re here to enjoy. Your unparalleled, singular, incomparable, distinctive living. All that you are, just as all that you’ve been thus far, matched with all that you will be is all that this is about. Who, what, where, when, how, and mostly WHY you choose are forever your finest guiding light. Growing is the phenomenally most grand thing there is!

My, How You’ve Grown, Semi-Selfie Photo by BradensEye + Lily

May your maturity be a marvelously memorable happening.

LOVER of life. Especially people, places, philanthropy and photography.

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