In Adoring Tribute for Our Angel Betsy, Photo from BradensEye Archives the last time I shared space with her August 25, 2019

Certain souls traverse Earth as in Heaven the same. Wednesday, December 2nd, 2020, God rolled out the red carpet to welcome my stellar friend Betsy Cathcart Dix. Some people are granted the groove of being a wake of walking sunshine as much as they are walking on sunshine. Betsy forever remains the reigning Miss Universe of sunshiney elegance. I dare the cosmos to create another as fitting. Hers a mixture where both lemons to lemonade resulted in a sweet potion of resolve. The impact of this warrior woman runs a multitude of spirited rivers. A doting wife. A devoted mother. A divinely connected Christian. Nothing could ever cease her praise nor maximum passion for life. When a radiating force blends with a glowing fighter it can lend itself and others a sense of unstoppable proportions of power. Those creatures are uniquely angels in every realm. That, my dears, is what we may all remember as the Betsy effect.

‘Well done, good and faithful servant!

Come and share your master’s happiness!’ ~
Matthew 25:23 NIV (New International Version), The Bible

There are far too sparse a percentage of people in our population who can be lifted enough onto the highest of highs even during their lowest of lows. Betsy Dix is the embodiment of that very empathy. They represent rich treasures we ought to contemplate emphatically. They are a rarest of breeds. Although, they do dance readily amongst you and me. She was the quintessential ginger goddess who roared loudly and proudly for her color-matching collegiate alma mater Clemson. She was a prayerful patriot of our United States, heralding justice as easily as she brandished truth. One of her brightest torches was as an avid advocate for the everlasting hope that religion bestowed upon her. As a spokeswoman, she touched the minds of what I trust amounts to an abundance as assorted as the starry twinkling skies that will conjure her sparkling eyes so long as we look up at night.

The transportation to eternity is free. Yet, those left behind pay a hefty price. The number seven has taken a very unlucky turn of weighty ticking for me with this shattering news. These latest were Betsy’s gallant grasp at keeping her globe spinning successfully. It’s odd though why a lifetime lover of life itself can bear the role of a deep admirer as well as becoming abandoned by the model teacher. Her innocence was her intellect. A privilege she perfected without ever trying was her unflappable serenity of honestly caring for anyone to anything breathing. She always had something to say and hers was worth sharing. Abandonment vacated her vocabulary. If inclusivity had portraits in the dictionaries then Betsy’s rests neatly beside. There is no more infectious dose of positivity than one Betsy Dix. That I was friendly with such an angelic human is maybe my greatest gift from our Maker.

We’ll keep you close as always
It won’t even seem you’ve gone
’Cause our hearts in big and small ways
Will keep the love that keeps us strong ~
Michael W. Smith, Friends

There are millions of possibilities of how we may live and how we might die. While I sit devastated in processing the waves of this unfairness, I maintain grace as the ultimate courtesy of character. Betsy never buried her faith no matter any circumstances. Her own earlier loss of her father when we were a mere eleven years of age rocked our small town community who knew her family. I flashed back yesterday to the two of us bouncing on giant bent tree trunks in the woods next to her home for hours shortly afterward. Her carefree striking certitude to make the most of things as vigilant transitions were apparent even so young. I will likely journey through Betsy’s influence and affection for all of my days forward, well beyond the times she’s beckoned my attention umpteen splendid moments prior. Simply, this is a gain for the infinite heavens, as we train to preserve a memory.

Her messages of inspiring courage upheld the lives of tons. For once I’m a superior cheerleader blessing the reaches to archives of social media for the ability to applaud the Besty Dix explosion of heartfelt fireworks popping up all over the place. If my emotional sentiments would just alight as brilliant butterflies on these winds of a wounded heart era. Shall all those you’ve ever lost leave you with wings to carry your best life onward. Your meaningful threads are guessing and guiding your access to outliers to quantify your millennia. Betsy will be a fabulously unforgettable feature, family member extraordinaire, and maestro of humanity that I’ve encountered. Her scarcity is a wide hole we may seek to fill with cures of our endless endeavors for attitudes of equal gratitude. Cherish your vivaciousness. For when you have it I know you’re tapped into the same source that is our beloved Betsy ~ a oneness we can all be so fully!

May you unite in Betsy’s honor with beauty, laughter, and the holiest heaps of love to celebrate those you hold dear.

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November 22 at 3:01 PM ·

Home from hospital after a week. Family here to celebrate Birthdays (girls turn 7 in December and January), Thanksgiving & early Christmas. #thankfulgrateful #2020miracle needed ASAP! Please keep us in your prayers!

LOVER of life. Especially people, places, philanthropy and photography.

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