Animals for the Essential Win

Hats on to Hugging Selfie

I needed a giant cuddle, sans questions, confusion, nor leading to any inappropriate canoodling. At that moment, chickens were just the thing! I’d just heard news of a dear friend in a tragic accident. This was at least the eighth friend in less than two months with traumatic happenings in life. My communities were being rocked and the foundations seemed shaky every day of late. The chicken’s soft feathers calmed me, as I hugged one warmly. I squatted in a coop of six searching around curiously, distracting my difficult thoughts. Their colorfully elegant eyes darted playfully in what seemed to be in unison with their wattles, making me genuinely laugh aloud. I began to feel some of my stress melt away.

Although I’m someone who has eaten my share of animal meat in my time, my understanding of the value of live animals continues to rise particularly these last twelve years with each additional house/pet sitting gig I support. Being a devoted traveler and nomadic dweller without her own home, I do miss many creature comforts a personal sanctuary offers. Along the top tier of the house vision I hold in my mind, but forsake in my current reality, is the welcome animal life I would choose to be living with me. I was raised with a heavy dose of fantastic felines. I feed that fancy through wildcat animal preserves, frolicking with friends furballs, and watching those beloved online kitty videos. I’ve cared for tons of animals: cats, dogs, fish, turtles, chickens, snakes, lizards, and hamsters.

Animals are a transmission of salvation. Because here’s the beauty — our communion with animals in the reciprocity realm leaves all the translation conundrums aside which language creates. Our connections with animals work from sensing, not relying on saying things a certain way. Sure, those of us with a functional vocal box may very effectively collaborate with any animal thinking they do fully understand our words. However, I’m offering the reminder for the gorgeous intervals we may weave when not requiring ourselves to be in constant conversation, yet fully be present to feeling, doing, and being a live human.

Picture the planet beyond rhetoric. Fantasize the ease of roaming or the ‘discussions’ you would have with body language alone. The refinement I’m going for is about interlacing our emotions to mingle more often through tactile touching and sensory meaning. I believe animals are ever-endeavoring by their mere existence to bring us back to feelings. As humans, we stuff our feelings astonishingly well. Even for those of us seemingly presenting an open-book self, I catch myself unaware at times to find the extent of my love, compassion, revelry, sadness, and hilarity dearly swells when in the mix of animals. While having hurt profoundly stretched is not everyone’s cup of tea, I beg to differ that by extending the reaches of my malady into the animal kingdom’s guidance, I am reinforced by love. Love that allows all things.

Coping might be the singularly most vital Animalia holiness I know. I’ve watched near forgotten elders formerly wasting their last years spring to life given a kitten to care for suddenly. When anyone is sad to deeply suffering, I’ve seen animals spoon and touch these people, never leaving their side. The night of my chicken reset, one of the dogs I was caring for tucked into my side so perfectly at bedtime, toasting my still shaken nerves to regulate his breathing and snores with mine. If animals be personified I would call them by another name ‘soothing’.

Playing with animals is one of the ultimate gifts of being alive. The fact that critters will permit me to convene with them intensifies the definition of joy. If you’ve ever cradled a baby animal of any sort I doubt I need to convince you I’m right. If your life has thus far left out animals I suggest you enhance it straight up! I’m convinced the pillar of your sanity is at stake. Yes, your access to playfulness I hold is ruled by how ‘sane’ you may be. I’ve deemed we cannot be soberly sensible when lacking the comedy of playtime.

Discovery retains the keys to this kingdom. Get dirty and get down. I’ve always been fascinated by beasts who are tiny and tall, or ones that would bend city blocks wider they can’t fit within, or how many small ones are crawling around inside those same blocks. Maybe ants are what you don’t mind in your pants, so be at their level and let them reveal with you. Squeeze some koalas, or see if you may practice your best bear hug with an actual bear (reasoning you have proper access to attempting so please). Let no animal you adore be left behind!

With more animals than people at my desert outpost disposal during this storytelling, my praise for the intercourse is what unfolded this tale for you today. Funny to have that without any worry for an STD, will I want to be in touch the next day, or why did I get to hugging on this one in the first place. I say all with extreme lightness of heart. The protection I find within animal symbiosis I want to replicate with my fellow humans as easily. This is yet another glowing deduction I provide on why we should protect most animals on our special globe. Animals are the soul of how relating ought to be. Animals lead by example of atoning a kinship I swear we all need. A finest species of such animal and human elegance lies in the relationship I love shown as Kevin Richardson’s lion whispering in this video. I’ve viewed this countless times when distraught or elated. It gives me hope for more living and loving every single time.

May a wealth of animal love win it’s way to your hearts.

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