Aphrodisiacal Accessories

Garnish, Photo from BradensEye Archives ~ C’est Moi

Dear God, please dose us with luxe excess of our favored arousing things. We’re too easily hung up on serving ourselves doses of destructive patterning compared to libidinous leanings that may support our thriving. I’ve never found anything wrong with the salacious slices of liveliness. For goodness sake, you’re a better soul when you’re happy! The partitioning comes down to owning your assortments. I mean, wouldn’t you rather be rocking that platform of erogenous zest than cowering inside your home facing the brain-wrenching thinking? I ponder a lot about why I got the luck of the draw to think freely compared to many I’ve met around this planetary conundrum of rulers. I believe there’s a love potion in gifting ourselves those things that ignite the fireworks’ emotions explosively engaging our being. Tapping into our aphrodisiacal accessories is the stimulating solution for our ultimate selection. Let your decisions have luster.

…if courage is my value, I have to do this, whether it’s successful or not is irrelevant. ~Brené Brown

Punctuating the pressures put upon us, along with those we give unworthy residence to stay, renders our stature way too wobbly. Instead, I like to think in terms of replacement therapy. This notion lives in the space of the now, maintaining, and retaining presence. Within, we don’t get lost in the unknown, what-if’s, limbo land of maybes. Surely we might agree that the entire scope of the future is a wide arc possibility. However, staking our location in that elephantine arena can quickly become a diluted pot of suffocating our supremacy. It truly doesn’t matter if anyone else endorses your preference for kids or no kids to Mr. tall, dark and handsome or Mrs. short, light, and scruffy. The safety populates the habits that promote our greatest lift. But, when we’re impassioned about our profession of living, it’s the volume cranked higher with our theme songs blaring joy. Accessorizing one’s lifestyle well is sprucely choosing to keep your fancies flourishing.

It makes little impact in my direction whether you wish for the same ingredients as I do. Equally, this isn’t absolutely about me winning at everything. Improvingly, it’s concerning those items of energy which have long fed my trough of steamy satisfaction. This isn’t to imply exclusively voluptuous content. And, while I’ll start with hugs and kissing, to be perfectly clear, I’ll infinitely end, middle and begin with these too, wherever able. The gesture of a soft peck, a deeply wild threads-to-my-core Frenchie tongues entanglement, or a powerfully held at length heart-to-heart pressed hug sustain my courage at darn near anything for ages. Connected touch just does so much for my sanity and sense of purpose. It elevates my human spirit. Moreover, there are throngs of options popping into our universe daily. Newly, I’ve encountered the ignition of my fiery nature around novel kids, innocent animals, a revival of my poetry, the hallowed gospel of surfing, and devout listening.

The moment I jumped off of it
Was the moment I touched down ~
Alanis Morissette, Thank U

Ministering ourselves ample happiness points often creates conflict with others. We’re simply not all built to conform, coincide, and approve one to another. Sweet Jesus performed that water into wine activity and raised a lot of admirer eyebrows. Yet, you need not wait on miracles. They’re there for you anytime you want to look a little more closely. Wringing out the water that our clothes are capable of holding from a washing or rain soaking is akin to loosening all of the dramatic fuss when we’ve been clinging to something not attending to our grooviest life order. Off-setting oneself from any off-putting minutia is our best means for grounding into the sexiness of success. Freedom is just a different word for negating indulgence in what makes us crazy. The sooner you dedicate to punctuating your alive with affairs that flutter your fortitude the closer your existence hits the heavenly marker more regularly.

You’re here for this one time as far as we scientifically know. Your tale is yours to spin into its unforgettably thoughtful shape, form, and feelings that you may conjure. As your own storyteller, I want to signal your capacity for titillating components. Adorn your span with a field of abundant contributions weighing on the side of your particular affinities. Perhaps you prefer pampered pets to racing track machinery, or both over corseted wig-wearing dreamy dress-up playfully. Maybe you want that devotionally affectionate poem, a graphic novel with warrior role modeling, or a healthy ration of alternative, post-grunge confessional rock song lyrics with a touch of country looped in. Single out those factors and personable members of society who stoke your shine. They are the places to concentrate your ambitions. For, passionately pursuing is aligned with chaperoning more amour for us gracefully. Today is always a new chance to rework your narrative into whatever you choose to marvel most.

May what pumps your ecstasy be all kinds of versions of vitality more than Viagra.

LOVER of life. Especially people, places, philanthropy and photography.

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