I Wear My Heart on More Than My Sleeve, Selfie


Oh, the flavors of life! I thought I’d dive in today about the culture of excitement. What turns us on. Well, what turns me on. I’m on a love roll this week. Legit, as we’re closing out that Hallmark-induced Valentine’s week of lovers galore. Therefore, a taste of more love should never hurt I say! If anything, part of my point today is how to keep good lovin’ alive. I wish to declare open season for every day to be Valentine’s Day. That is declaring your love of things proudly, openly, without shame, with joy for you and support for others, especially when you’re able to give your extra to those in need, distress, or lacking the space to find their own love source gushing easily. Do this for Saint Valentine. Do it for you. Do it because it feels so smashingly top-notch. It’s premium lifeblood, without all the fainting and cookies. Though I do enjoy those cookies when donating blood.

Tasty treats are a mouth-watering place to begin, literally and figuratively. I live for aphrodisiacs. I even know aphrodisiac experts, like the adorable Amy Reiley. If you don’t own any of her cookbooks, or you simply want to be untethered in your thoughts about it all, check her out. I met her through another culinary delight, dear friend Maite Gomez-Rejón, who gifts people with marrying art (history) and cooking in all her offerings at ArtBites. This in itself is an aphrodisiac’s playground for me, as the symmetry between things that accelerate me to the nth degree is a perfect match her combinations of fine art and fine edibles!

I even love the extent of what aphrodisiacs may be to each of us. Another Eden for me is many things quintessentially amour: candlelight, fireplaces, making out, love notes or letters or words of all succulent kind. Then, top this with cabins in woods or camping where the night sky is so ablaze with stars or Aurora and moonlight and no one else can hear you climax, and you rollick around in nature together and burn the midnight oil in non-traditional ways. Equally, take me to nearly any sandy shoreline and swim with me in warm waters and you’ll likely keep me in your midst forever. Throw in music, massages, spa time, hunkering in baths, principally with someone and being smothered in kisses. Above all, to clarify those kisses: “long, slow, deep, soft, wet kisses that last for three days” kinds of kisses. I think I’m classic aphrodisiac fair, with an extra few helpings of intellect, and a dose of dark chocolate covered sour cherries philosophy atop! Very specifically me.

I’m a living mythological siren at my heart core through and through. It’s a blessing and a curse. It may have even kept me single so far. I would hate to think that’s a truth, but I’m of the age I’m willing to reflect on all my assets and defaults. (Hint hint, that means I’m available for a luminous love partner if anyone is aflame for a similar fiery life mate!) I could run amuck for an elongated time about all my aphrodisiac leanings. Some of you might appreciate further intricate details. I’m going to concentrate on saving the readers that don’t need quite as much and prefer the aroma of my angle.

Aphrodisiacs are a haven of happiness. I believe we all should liaise with a little hanky-panky for our own good. Your own euphoria does not have to be scandalous. Quite a bit of me isn’t. A gentle lull of sentimental dabbling in things which energize you is enough. Go tender into this lustrous life. Tango with trilling your R’s, if that tinsel on your life tree. Cavort with exactly whatever it is that brings out the best in you. This yarn is yours. May your saga be worth many legendary sequels.

Cultivate your love drug(s). And I don’t mean the recreational or prescription kind. Wallow in the luxury of love. Spread your love. Share your love. I bet you’ll shine if you remember to add (more) love to your day. Ignite this love wave and surf its sweet swell and ride it so well. Also, don’t forget the ripple effect. It works for good things (and for bad things). Choose to stimulate this loving benevolence by sending it sprawling across lands and oceans alike.

Be unto this world like a good aphrodisiac: stimulate, savor and share!



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