I Wear My Heart on More Than My Sleeve, Selfie

Oh, the flavors of life! I thought I’d dive in today about the culture of excitement. What turns us on. Well, what turns me on. I’m on a love roll this week. Legit, as we’re closing out that Hallmark-induced Valentine’s week of lovers galore. Therefore, a taste of more love should never hurt I say! If anything, part of my point today is how to keep good lovin’ alive. I wish to declare open season for every day to be Valentine’s Day. That is declaring your love of things proudly, openly, without shame, with joy for you and support for others, especially when you’re able to give your extra to those in need, distress, or lacking the space to find their own love source gushing easily. Do this for Saint Valentine. Do it for you. Do it because it feels so smashingly top-notch. It’s premium lifeblood, without all the fainting and cookies. Though I do enjoy those cookies when donating blood.

LOVER of life. Especially people, places, philanthropy and photography.

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