Balanced in Beauty, Photo by BradensEye

The manner of your mood truly matters. All too often we’re taking what we get instead of making the most of what is. Just as the weather or traffic won’t bow to one’s singular needs of rain or shine, we cannot expect life to keep up with going along exactly as we wish endlessly. Therefore, establishing traces of grace to fall upon becomes us as the actual or metaphoric shelter during storms. How we withstand any amount of dis-ease is built from the magnitude of sweet ‘seasoning’ we place next to all of our “Why’s”. Your aromatic adaptability is the medium for embracing time with relief. Herein lies a resiliency gentleness most generations fail to have or forget to pass onward cooperatively. As we intentionally heed what our bodies require and are resourcing, we’re more able to forecast less of our own suffering. Steadying ourselves is the innate equilibrium instrument that fine-tunes our occurrences to show up as harmonious.

You can’t run alongside your grown children with sunscreen and ChapStick on their hero’s journey. ~Anne Lamott, “Twelve Truths I Learned from Writing to Life”

While surrounded by plenty of people, we’re shouldn’t totally rely on external support when all goes wonky. Taking good care must first launch with the self intimately to breed ultimate success. The semblance of my vacation was masked by the layers of studying I committed to complete. New friends were leaving. My bonding with them had met with typical distractions devouring more communing. Coincidentally, threatening monsoon precipitation was directing my laptop ‘leisure’. To psyche my brainwaves into academics mode, I set aside a couple of specified hours for recreation. Almost immediately, I learned of a Let’s Sync rendezvous Silent Dance for sunset at nearby Happy Beach. Amassing a supply of smiles is typically the best boost I prescribe for myself whenever powering through demands is pawing away at my atmospheric relaxation. I splashed in puddles with toddlers and photographed silhouetted splendor until I was appeased.

On the other hand, banking on our obedience for boundaries is another ticket for softening maladies. When we have our own backs by standing our ground to thwart environmental irritations, we enhance our limberness for dealing with unpleasantries. I’d reread the text message at least six times before setting my phone aside to contemplate my scary feelings. My body had tripped into an old triggering pattern of unsafe fear. A male friend had tipped into vitriolic rage targeting me. I was hurt, angry, defensive, and shaking with vulnerability all in one blink. Why he’d suddenly gaged a piece of my travels were promised to be focused on him astonished me. The armoury of my history allowed a timeout period. I didn’t owe a reply to anyone’s wrath. I reckoned the fortunate distance of over two-hundred miles between us. Dialing into his drama felt highly unwarranted. We may choose to address anything with an alleviating approach.

Oooh, I like you hangin’ around
’Cause you lift me up when I am upside down ~
Backstreet Boys, Lift Me Up

Observing oneself rather than absorbing others’ exploding extremes is a leading spacing schematic. The same applies for cranky conditions. The harmonium chanting was abrasive for my means. Likewise, the darn mossies blurting their hissing inside both of my ears futilely disrupted my closing yogic sleep position. No matter our longing for serenity, something is gonna edge against or takeover your path eventually. Where our yearnings meet our shielding we prosper with increased calm consciousness. Assumptions are premises better left for the primitive state of thinking. Switching to your individualistic groovy funding is optimal allocating. What remedies suit us are unique shiftings. Centering on the melodic singing of the birds’ choral quelled my anxiety. Following any grating juncture with welcome touch helps subside my alarms of anguish. Having someone dear to hug is elevated medicine.

Crafting tangy trust points for our sense of being permits efficiency. The scent of comfort can be as simple as water to drink. For all of my intercontinental roving, I’ve yet to fully compose myself when it comes to stray animals. Oddly enough, I’ve had my share of homeless commonality with them for well beyond a decade. But, anytime I greet them I collect some heartaches. I want to take a lot of them under my wings of care. Me ~ the one without my own location! It’s might seem silly. Yet, aiding them assists in propping up my own sovereignty. Richly ranking our freedom with release from nasty reactions encourages a juicy tone of strengthening. Mastering one’s determination to reveal what moves you into pungent flatteries is worth wagging one’s own tail; à la pronking on an organic scale. From play to predatory pressures, knowing where our passions congeal is our valor. Placing pliancy within all our ways creates perfumed days.

Here’s to putting the ‘fun’ in our FUNctionality!

LOVER of life. Especially people, places, philanthropy and photography.

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