Loving Spunk, Photo by BradensEye featuring Etsy excellence WhiteCatBlackDog Emily Bell’s greeting card

Intrepid nerve grants us glory. Not everything scary will eat you alive. A wander through the grotto of our degradation is virtuously a field day for self-actualization. I see shame as the bully ploy seeking our embarrassment and humiliation. What doesn’t erase us can do a splendid job of wiping us out if we’re not careful. The gambit of life’s unpredictability might be scripting you a portfolio of priceless mementos one moment and slinging you into shambles the next. I’ve consumed enough therapy to note that not a one of us is getting out of this living exhibition scotfree. Where we’re a slut for filthy failures, we courting the sin of whimpering mediocrity. It’s with the chops of developing with our aching scars that such stains resurrect chivalrous cooperation. Flexing one’s audacity bones offer us an indulgence of awards. In the castration of our own lies blooms the regeneration of commendable expansion heroism.

You are the sky. Everything else — it’s just the weather. ~Pema Chödrön

Teetering on the precipice of staying current is like reading a regular human gazette. Very few of us prosper in the instances as they’re unfolding for us. Most often, we’re incorrigible students of livelihood trading our past and future instability. Disjointed, we’re as good as an outdoor picnic in a blizzard. A poverty of people at large is the inability to retain presence. Lacking attendance to our reality separates us from the aplomb of finesse. The climate of courage calls for individuals to strip the conditions and shrink the storm. Whereby we may heed the tempest, yet not be the gale force. Glimpsing all the rainbows through the rain or the witticisms within the worries to wounds. Our fabrication of a fear-fighting repertoire puts the huzzah in chutzpah. Spellbinding vapors of unflappability are your slick bravery forecast. This is virginal slang for turning splotches of skepticism towards unsullied spirit.

A tumor felt too much. A pandemic affronting, uncertainty the dominant mode of oxygen our planet was being allotted, and reports from my left coast friends of their usually friendly animals clawing the walls (literally in some cat cases) indoors ever since not let outside for their safety with smokey fire dragons having taken over. But the lingo of dread is merely bargain rate jargon asking you to step away from the fringe and sink profoundly into the sauciness of your divinity. The paradox is dancing with the phantoms in lieu of their challenging panic-stricken performance functionality. It’s an axis of concentration we should undertake to tip. Surprisingly, I honed in upon the fact it was my left arm experiencing the trauma. Ahhh, my feminine side was endangered. Crystal clarity pooled out of my eyes. In the adventures of my masculine versus feminine attributes, I’d imperially sucked at receiving.

I fell, I broke, I shattered open

The flask is full, the cracks are golden
We’re aimin’ for the sun ~
RAIGN, Now I Can Fly

Giving is to all romances of existence what getting is to the bottomless well of wisdom. However, I’d been overflowing from a finite direction for as long as I could recall reflecting about myself. Only now, at age fifty, there was no way I could say I didn’t know better. I knew the power of balance. I preached it, supported innumerable humans in attaining it, nonetheless becoming my own bait for the shark to happily partake. I wondered where all the “almost’s” go? My ‘almost’s’ seemed an endless arrogant scamper to seize every day. I almost took time for myself then or there. I almost flirted with him, instead. I almost accepted help… so MANY times. Abundantly, we’re so close to acting on anything, which even our skeletal guts believe is right for us, except we collapse from excessive energy expelled on friable tendencies. Societal norms prefer us captive. I think there are jungles of calibration we’re meant to roam freely.

Checking in with my intellectual receptionist for my gratis surrender pass was interesting. She was shoving all this hype at me about paying into the system, various persons I owed, why my offenses obligated me to stay on course. Looking with warm vulnerability at my nervous flinching, it dawned on me the ease we dedicate to executing without accomplishing. Dimensioning while doing the living part can become quickly cryptic. Although, your survival ought not be a clot. Tiara your slot with a seal of unstoppable. You’re a member of the boldness family if you want to claim the DNA. Herein, there’s no special genius nor expertise needed. Its prowess is simply choice. Let bravery tuck you in at night. Daring can walk you down the streets or to school and sit to share a plucky lunch with you if you’d care for it to. Bare all of your mighty teeth to romp confidently in your shameless name.

May you spectacularly resolve that wholly you is the holy grail.

LOVER of life. Especially people, places, philanthropy and photography.

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