Baller Binging

4 min readJan 4, 2019


Sky’s Only the Start to Limits, Photo by BradensEye

Time keeps on ticking even if we take a licking. It’s really not so much about us. Rather, it’s what are we doing with it. Stepping outside of the hurricane thoughts can create is a bit like saying “Let’s pack a picnic and go watch the storm roll over us!” It’s laughable, but foolish if not managed with intention. Nestled beneath the surface of all the sensical and nonsensical analysis fistfights beats the soul of the matter, encapsulated by the heart. If you want to encounter a semblance of your truth, ask yourself if you’re up for some baller binging into that zone way beyond where your comfort lies. Do you accept halfway or are you ready to go all the way?

Even a clock that does not work is right twice a day. ~Polish Proverb

What isn’t working for us and isn’t known, nor in our favor, are resourceful antidotes for an ego thinking it wants to settle on simply getting by compared to shining. In the midst of our hesitation, anguish, grief, stoicism, or cynical ways sits potential masking as luck. We can remain ‘broken’ or seek the missing components to make us tick and tock well more than a couple of times. Maybe we pick the specific winning lottery numbers, or just buy a random select of digits to gain the prize, yet we still had to play to win. Struggling over or complaining about what you’re lacking in invested action leads you nowhere fast. To impress yourself (never mind others), it’s straight — no chaser — into that famed uncharted territory.

Consumed with a rumble of possibility, the instinct to strive can be launched. We excel at another level of us when we step farther from what we’ve already proven as easily familiar. Wordsmithing, traveling, flirting, and photography may tumble from you as often as eyelashes blink in a day. Meditation, masturbation, movies, massage, and always wanting to make out might be your steady second nature. Drinking, writing, fucking, and (MMA) fighting are alluringly nimble allies of one dear friend. It’s an act of profound cool when we reach past our accustomed pace. You may scribe a nonfiction masterpiece, but it’s climb to bestseller doesn’t typically occur innocently. In the least, your ‘baby’ requires diligent attention with marketing food, promotional water, and loads of daily love.

It’s a sinister philosophy to poke around another’s direction without examining your own miscalculations. Subsumed with supporting others before trending myself first furnishes a hoard of self-issues that become sidelined. One could say I’m allergic to my utmost prosperity. It’s technically a demi-truth, as I’ve waffled through ages of myself where I was at the top of my game in health, leaning towards good wealth, and hopelessly in love to arguments with the weight scale, welfare discussions, and a large case of singledom. This is usually about the time I embark into pasta therapy. I can distract my best-laid plans for a good few hours just planning, prepping, preparing, and ultimately scarfing an entire pot of Italiano delectably presented with garnish meant for at least a family of four.

I highly recommend a continual reconsideration of our aversion to the fragments of what we don’t know and assuming it can kill us, theoretically speaking. By ‘correcting’ our alignment to remain open to the ‘punishment’ of unconventional wisdom, we broaden our skillset and pump up the soul. It’s equally an exploitive coup for strengthening our ways around the same customs we think we have working perfectly from flirting, massage, writing, and the saints plus sinners list of many more. Within the sheer mortality of efficiency versus ethics, I’m going to dare you to join my version of the latter whose ideals regularly swim with sharks and bask in discomfort, if only for a while.

Immortally inventive viagra is the term I’ll use for freely placing yourself in a realm meant to set you apart from and above the same old self you once knew. What could appear as sacrificing, a thief of your joy, actually holds the ethos of romance. Challenges do make us stronger. Boundaries are excellent for interpersonal relationships, but intimately with oneself pushing your limits achieves wild success. To that end, and beginning, I’ve claimed the word “success” as my 2019 one-word theme for the year. I’ve long wanted to be a booming sensation in my own right for the areas of health, wealth, home, and that notorious personal nemesis love. I’m openly activating all my buttons and channels to pierce my layers of discomfort and give way for skyrocket delight liftoff.

May your year be a never-ending blastoff of breakout baller binge-worthy conquests!




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