Merryful Mementos, Photo by BradensEye from the Points-Cox Family keepsake book

Loss is a lot like leaving the sugar out of your favorite goody. Whether your salivary glands engorge for confections or tech erections or else, when the proverbial glue that binds goes away it’s an ultra deflated processing date. One of my dad’s recently and unexpectedly perished from our planetary plane. While this is not my birth father, I’ve had the wherewithal to make some first-class choices in my life. Becoming best friends with two special families landed me that glorious feeling of being cherished by more than one set of parents. I exceeded lucky during my formative years to fall in love with the entirety of the Points family members. Each has held varying levels of esteem in my philosophical lifespan. There’s no kicking them off my mind-made pedestals, as every one of them deserves the ranks for all sorts of gratification gifted along my passage. Please join me with cheer for this candy-coated memoriam to the one and only “Dapa” Don Points.

It is better for the heart to break, than not to break. ~Mary Oliver

The coolest contribution about having any additional set of people that you consider your parents, and whom you actually really wish to spend durations with, is how the non-DNA linked beloveds dote on you so easily compared to the real ones. This isn’t meant as any slight to my absolute affection for my own parentals, so much as a tribute to the peaks the others represent, especially Don Points. To be captured inside the grace of another’s devotion as if you were their own, while left off of the characteristic conundrums of one’s immediate familial floundering, is a remarkable source of enhancement. That I could sit with Don for hours that overlapped days speaks to the wealth of his benefit. He was a gentle mentor and fierce force of quality. The hardest part about Don’s new absence from our lives is how it seems the quota of enough time with him was infinite. The fellowship for a celebration of simply living poured through Don, onto your personal plate, and well beyond.

Don lit up when I was around. Exactly the same as when Susan, Lily, Palmer, Aubrey, Matthew, Allyn, or quite notably his wife Patterson were near. It’s a mighty extraordinary sentiment when you know you’re constantly received by someone as if you are the greatest person they’ve ever known. In fact, he brightened to such a shiny level for everyone precious to him. His family meant everything to him. His smiles, eventually coupled with numerous rounds of that delectably laughing chuckle, were infectious. Though Don could be rather serious when imparting nuggets of importance, it’s his affable approach toward all that humanity offers to teach us that I find is one of his marked standouts for me. Therein, Don was super fond of friendliness from individuals to animals. The nature of the rarest prized souls is stamped unforgettable. Heaven sure did gobble up another tremendous treasure ushering in Don.

It goes like this, the fourth, the fifth
The minor fall, the major lift ~
Leonard Cohen, Hallelujah

He accounted for accounting but was curious with scores still. A legendary numbers guy, we connected because of a honeyed admiration of water plus burning the night owl midnight oil or the luxury of napping through mornings. Don Points was famous in various realms. Masterfully, he would solve almost any of your tech issues (or sort the finest lead on how-to) while preparing to wow your palate. Don was a recognized gadget master. Similar to his respected career field of eye-catching construction. Don embraced the forefront of innovation at a large scale to the most minute human size. Innovation wove its intricacies all through Don’s existence. He’d tinker tirelessly. Discovery was an element of his fashion sense. Then, he spilled his expertise outward as far as the universe is wide. If you ever opened your arms to Don, you knew the meaning and measure of warmth. Of all the Donisms I’ll rotate in my thinking, his epic hugs are a topper on that list. His willing and wantingness to include me, help me, or do the same for you or yours reached further than ability into overflowing pools of interest. Don cared deeply.

Revering sharing and learning came effortlessly to Don. Identically to the worshipped influence that swam both sides whenever you were enjoying an encounter with him. He was an endearing sucker for many things a sweet tooth craves. A date in the kitchen baking mouth-watering morsels with Don was on par with a technological rendezvous or a slew of stellar movies to music queued. I always felt my roots were raised to sun height after a spell with Don. I’m proud that my history encompasses countless souvenirs of Don. May we remain stuffed to the gills upon the glory of everything Don Points. As a dapper dragonfly crossed my path the day he passed on, I conjured it was Don. His spirit gleans a dazzling trail. Though missing Don has shaken me to my core, I’m equally stirred by his light that rests so comfortably within me that I’ll carry forever onward… until we meet again. The cosmos kicked up its illumination a few excellent notches with Don at the helm.

May the sweetness of those you’ve adored live in the superlative through your memorable actions in honor of their marvelous ways.

LOVER of life. Especially people, places, philanthropy and photography.

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