Hangry in Waiting, Photo by BradensEye

The greater the deficiency the more room for wisdom. Raising the rise on mistakes is guaranteed to make us better. We’re bound to fail at something. I was trying to think of my first visceral failure. The thing that popped to mind was that I couldn’t stop sucking my thumb well into my secondary school years. It was a classic nervous and sneaking-evening-reading habit. I was ashamed of any friends knowing about it. Eventually I stopped. In its shadow I could sketch a model citizen on one sheet of paper, while the reverse would show the blemishes of attempts with fruition, offbeat setbacks, clear malfunctions, bold breakdowns, and a host of additional undesirable interview anecdotes doubtful to land me the job. No matter the duds or fiascos, a dawning of brilliant reflection grew over time. What defeats me actually completes me.

The first step to knowledge is to know that we are ignorant. ~Lord David Cecil

Following the exploration of self is game of mastering the mind. We’re typically aroused by information. On pumped intellectuals, education is like a saber-tooth tigers who’s not had breakfast and wakes up on the wrong side of the bush. Greed often makes us so hungry we forget what we don’t know. Short of logic, we quickly flounder. All around me are reasons to lose my mind. Frequently I’m claiming “my notes have notes” in reference to my to-do list stretching beyond anyone’s decent capacity to fulfill. The determination alone that I’ve lost track of completing is a daunting reminder of irrational weakness. However, I’ve since come to dote on imperfections. Hazards are actually a hidden potential to gain. When we accept our inefficiency in any arena we may improve.

Resentment is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die. ~Various

Harboring shit simply piles up a load of shit. Everyone has plenty of poop to contend with in mere bodily function. Nobody needs more shit. Displeasure has never ended well. It’s that ‘dis’sing aspect getting in the way of pleasure you deserve. The grumpiest people can’t stop complaining. Their fingers won’t point inward. They wear their bitterness and it weighs them down. Ample indignation will scar you for life. It will take your life. It will cost countries fame. Ruin is an end game. Toxic thoughts, namely kept tightly locked inside are venomous grudges to bear. I book more social engagements, make more time for career success, which in turn gives me moolah to arrange idolized travel trips, and suffer less migraines when I cut myself and appropriate others some slack. We prosper with gratification.

It’s what you learn after you know it all that counts. ~Jean Rostand

We feel it’s our right to know… how things work, who is better than another, opinions we craft into facts, when such-and-such occurred, and on and on with details we claim our prerogative to act as if all based in truth. We are so darn entitled! The goal is to reject our ego as the only driver. ‘Why’ is the most basic and philosophical brain-teaser in time. It allows us to comprehend and query our all, universally without results a bunch. Think on human maturation like a ripened fruit. That sweetest of peaches is gonna melt in your mouth at peak perfection. Meanwhile, too soon could break a tooth and too late is inedible rottenness enough to spill your innards out if ingested. We come so far only to find we have lightyears left to acquire from the sagacity pool. But this is the glorious joke. Our insight scores humility over conceit every day.

Correction does much, but encouragement does more. ~Goethe

Motivating ourselves after a breach of achievement takes effort. Even when I can comprehend my state of flatlining is highly unlikely to exist until my last breath, my bounce-back might seem to be on a frigging holiday. Stimulating energy to assist the flip of our switch from uncool to “The Fonz” level must include impulse from within. We seek assurance where our performance stems equally from external as internal influences. Comforting inspiration is a fail-safe boost. Undertaking honesty with yourself and others is super support. Even the bullies merit space to learn their place. Cheer on a caring attitude and watch improvement grow. Catch yourself failing and you’ll develop progression. There is no expiration on learning curves.

Up, up, and away with the worries over failure, so long as you commit to compassion.

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