Cinderella’s Crescendo

Livin’ on a Wink and a Prayer, Photo from BradensEye Friends’ Sayulita Wedding Archives

You’re never out of reach from yourself. In the mandates of our peculiarity, we’re a delicato business. Indifference is an important partiality that doesn’t befit our infiltration. I surely wish we’d all be awarded an uncorrupted amphitheatre to perform our wonderment. Irrespective of any itinerary we lay for hightailing a tour of all we’ve ever wanted or remaining ladies and gents in waiting, it’s the residue of our mainstay that will see us through the prominence of our target. Independent of redeeming anything prestigious (yet), our calling to account for adaptation is pivotal. Ceding gestures brimming the beauties of Cinderella’s crescendo should be our flurry. The horizon of a new year is the frontier grazing us. How everyone is associating with themselves is not a liaison with a monopoly on leisure as specially as it could be. Let’s carry the frill of tinsel attitude with us onward through every season.

A good teacher is like a candle — it consumes itself to light the way for others. ~Mustafa Kemal Ataturk

Some mentors can be a figment of your imaginary realm. (Dis)orienting is all in the sagacity of one’s ‘crown’. The kind you can’t ever quite really meet. They’ve spoken to you, though not accurately with you. She was one of my childhood idols. Cinderella, that’s who. She taught me the generalities of society’s gamut regarding toil to console; amiability and amour. I’ve been picking her apart ever since. This Princess of Zero Expectations spun her days simulating the trajectory from malcontent to musical musings. I, too, befriended animals promptly, was an artisan of servitude, lusted to loiter in nature, and lamented being stuck with the same walls every day. I saluted how she wasn’t hunting a man. Still, she could toss on a gown, get dolled up, cut a mean rug, and end up the belle of the ball in the arms of a handsome suitor sans social dating. This was some female modeling I could aspire to!

As a conversational tourist, I’m incessantly searching for connections. Moreover, if I’m hopefully honest, strikingly the (him) combination. Like “conjunction, junction,” I want your hooking function. The Cinderella factor is party to my amplification. Your castle is a concept that you may craft any day. She’s tutored me about the strength of believing. She’s reminded me that the kingdom is a wide world outside of our spheres. Therefore, I’ve not committed mucho meddlesome minutes around making love happen for me. What I have done is to treat every waking skyline with potential. What will I do with today? I want to see it all, as much as I want to be it all (those visions of honey-baked marriage dancing in my head). I’ll eagerly confide the steps to make are merely moving along with your all. I’ll max as many meridians in multiple countries. In the blinking wink of an eye, nobody knows what could come next.

My heart going boom, boom, boom ~Peter Gabriel, Solsbury Hill

The magnifying lens of fifty is upon me. Woah, I’m (almost) halfway there, “Woah, livin’ on a prayer”… or three or thousands. But, you’ve come a long way, (without) baby! For every somersault of my uterus pondering the nuances of not getting the man or a family to share all of my planning, I’ve still got a glass slipper stuck in my geeky cerebellum. They’re (my spouse and our domesticity) as probable as corners on a street. At any time the universe might mutate a fresh version of you. Instead of being the poor relative, I became somewhat of a unicorn. This rare breed of personality dogmatically trained to fetch new adventures. Stasis masquerading as the sinister step-sister in life, I’ve sought eagerly a collection of rendezvous. Similar to the dramatic disparity of Cinderella upgraded dwelling, my assortments propose differences that offset what I don’t have already. I simply have to listen for that epic pitty-pat to speed up at my core.

Take no prisoners. Detain only gain. I’m not one for collating bad memories. We tend to rotate in that revolving door of what could have been or we think should be, as if it cycling trash was ever a luxury. As long as we retain toying when matters shun us this affixes adversity in our mix. Here is why grumpiness about our minuses will never lead to pluses. Indeed, this is where piping in as your own fairy godmother directs a vendetta of harmony. One of my favorite traditions is the enchanted spell that swells within me when I’m reflecting on couples darling to me. It’s the spirit of seeing others united in love. I let an abundance of their fondling flow as a social media or photos show. I inundate my eyes with the trophy of their smiles. So, teeing up for the 362 rest we have to go, please join me in applause for my permutation of the best Santa ‘clause’ ~ that we each find fairytale-friendly love in whatever way, shape, or form of our own Cinderella version in 2020.

Grand Love, Photo affectionately from BradensEye Family Archives

May we all set strides for our stories to be open to changes ~ our guiding light of might!



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