Cultivation, Photo by BradensEye featuring Laurie Anderson’s Word on the Street

A culture of decency begins with choice. I started writing this a week ago. The idea was to confront my anxiety about the United States of America’s pending political election and appeal to a dialogue of listening deeper ~ to myself and any others. I immediately noticed how much my personal alarm was backed by monstrous layers of partisan people. Whether I knew them as relatives to friends, or they were chattering on the radio, television, social media, as well wherever I looked to read a news update, all of them were impassioned. Yet, self included, each was a tad stalled in the conceit of their point of view. It’s typically no accident when we’re fixated. Something’s run amuck. We become glued to perceptions of trauma. Our civility agility is always being tested. But, when you’re burning it takes a special size of guru to ignore the feeling of the flames. I think the only way out is in.

We are always more afraid than we wish to be, but we can always be braver than we expect. ~Robert Jordan, Lord of Chaos

This began as a love letter to my country: “Dear Future, No one wants you waning. We’d all rather be winning. So, please help us congregate our hearts instead of separating them.” Everywhere seams are breaking apart. Except that the threads aren’t totally bare. That signifies enough prospect for optimization. Suavity isn’t a default human setting. Even gathering in the cave era wasn’t deemed chummy hospitality with open rocks walls to just anyone joining your campfire. We’ve been built upon a fractured fray mentality. Tainted by the ancient treaty of survival, we’ve gone to great lengths to maintain belligerence above intelligence. Therefore, we must be trained to refrain from ugliness. At the same time, we deserve to speak up for tyranny. Powerful inclusivity connectivity versus raw power imparts the strain I’m selecting. Urbanity sanity is the gutsiest fling everybody should be seeking to marry.

To identify with another’s shoes isn’t such a smooth move. Peering into why an individual feels hatred where they could hug, has a farm to consume from compared to food stamps or buys bargain clothes as easily as dining at a five-star establishment entirely arrives far from the luxuries of a personality. We’re driven by habit, usually from nurture, and the shields of our natural situations. Raised on less of a money stream and then marrying upward many spend freely. Although forgetting from where they came (consciously or not) the impact on their hometown or familial struggling lacks priority. If you’ve not been to the ocean you might not be prepared for the sand or salt invasion. Similarly, you’ll have missed the sun tan or dolphins leaping. Most often we go toward things with which we have access. Even so, we ignore the other side of the tracks. Impunity unity is a tough sell.

I was standing
You were there
Two worlds collided ~
INXS, Never Tear Us Apart

The whole planet has been freaking the f*ck out this 2020. Plus, our nation added the disparagingdebates year. I keep wanting to simply post on my social media “I LOVE YOU”. Over and over and maybe ad infinitum. It’s the least meets authentically-able first step I know for connection. It’s not because you’re a Democrat, a Republican, or a liberal holistic hippie surgeon willing to do ayahuasca to better your skilled savior behavior. The reason I understand that I can love you, no matter if we’ve kissed, both laughed uncontrollably, rarely locked eyes, or never met is that I’m aware that I love myself. I’ve learned that if I honestly love me, for all the true sake of the meaning of love, then I have to reflect a love for you. If telling you that I care about you creates an argument it merely translates to me as extra amounts of sheroism are worth cultivating. This globe is ripe for our collisions revisions.

The limbo of a USA Presidential result is likely still looming as you topple through this story. I’ve presented a succinct challenge primarily due to the acceptance rating. The sooner we retreat from our sole echo chambers we speed up the primitive soul’s capacity for a systemically eternal campaign of actionary ambassadorship promoting partnership beyond politics. We can agree to agree or disagree and remain in unison. I realize how ambitious it is to ask opposing parties to sit calmly sipping tea together breathing adjoined air molecules without steam coming from their ears. However, my belief allies in each body surging for shared principles. What if we only have to remember that we all wish to eat well, rest easy, support ourselves and family. Imagination has a very broad bandwidth. It’s high time to use the sum of its reach. I’m indicting humanity, whose repentant redress is a launchpad of loving that’s ready for lift-off.

May everyone choose reform before storming whenever needed.

LOVER of life. Especially people, places, philanthropy and photography.

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