Conserving Our Invincibility

Glimpsing, Photo by BradensEye featuring a quote from sage Stephen Jenkinson

Becoming woke is about activating our devotion. Flavor me with your hardships and I’ll share with you tales of my living. Often, too much of our time is fed to the squandering sharks. They’re hungry to take our precious points to roam the wild seas of cynicism. But, I’m here to gift you some illumination with the blessings that one may cultivate to leave those predators to their usual prey. You should know that there’s alternative in everything we’ll ever be privy to. Although we may be dealt some extra barbed wires attempting to marvelously maim our already severely-lacerated wounds, they’re cables we’re capable of breaking. You see, somewhere between, beside, underneath, behind, thinking it’s leading the way, or inside hatred of anything there sits love. Conserving our invincibility is bolted to our bandwidth of gratitude. Fall in love with finding all the ounces of love that you’re humanly able to source.

I’ve often heard herbalists say that the cure grows near to the cause. ~Robin Wall Kimmerer, Braiding Sweetgrass

Sizing up our sadness typically shows where we’ve simply forgotten forgiveness. We’re wont to rail about the relics of our traumas. Betrayal is just a bundle of stress asking to be unknotted. Immunity sunbathes in the shade. The magic of moments is what they’ve meant to you, in addition to what you’ll do with all of that. No matter whether awesome to atrocious. Getting dumped is usually deliverance from the wildebeest of worse wreckage if we’d kept up the unfulfilling antics. Cancer might actually be inviting an intimately cellular correction of your corrupt relationship history. Seldom is there a person walking a straight line of absolute saintdom. Where we’re crooked with casualties creeps our cleansing. Everything shouldn’t be served conveniently. We ought to befriend effort. To take it into our arms as lovingly as we do a first kiss with anyone we deserve to be in company with forever.

Self-preservation is a privilege, not a primal pledge we can predict. Excess ouch equals a grouch. Those pins and needles that pang us along our path are sharpshooters of the superior marksman order. They’ve gone out of their way to train expertly with the dark side. However, resistance flourishes in our freedom to choose when we’ll relinquish our allegiance to agro in order to give our omnipotence the continued chance to test its bulletproof mindfulness. Tough experiences made joyful by certain people or surroundings are holy (wholely) angelic. I don’t care what your spiritual belief. Hey is not just for horses and hi(gh) is not merely a tuning-out mechanism. They’re connectors of the highest order that every single body deserves. Being open to more personality drifts than you’ve ever been could be the key toward mulching meaning from any of your obstinacies. Lounge with whomever lifts you.

… it’s not so bad, it’s not so bad
And I want to thank you for giving me the best day of my life
And oh just to be with you is having the best day of my life ~
Dido, Thank You

Here’s a thing: I’d ditched my own portfolio of positivity lately. ’Twas ground to a halt with the big medically debilitating ‘C’ word coming to take residence in my body. When you’ve grown into a light-worker and are personally shown a VIP tour of the dankest stinks you’ve only supported externally it’s quite a rude color-blinding. Nonetheless, I’ve learned that a good pummeling instructs a variety of precepts. You build your wattage potential with every pitch of consideration. Maybe one garners that pure muscle trumps height to width or why the arc of a swing is of acute importance far beyond the mere ability to swing at all. Also, your sense of reason for producing a smile betwixt those deft blows awakens the energy for you to bounce back better than your average opponent. I’ve homespun a detection meter for my awareness insight. The softness to bloodlust storage we keep strips us from bare luxuries to necessities.

A book on how to right any wrong would be appropriately defined with a host of amicable images. Picture after picture of beamish creatures, plus their nooks to crannies, caught rooting for their lives says it all. Our indomitability gets messy when the valor of us following our favored influences wans. We must want to be winners. Therefore, we’ve gotta shirk that losing is an end game. It’s the infinite sophistication to note that skimping on solutions is silly suffering. Cry out for a call with your besties team. Accept the trinkets of hearts, candles, tarot cards, jewelry, and drool-worthy goodies. Listen closely to the praise landing loudly to your ears. Invent new channels to watch the sun shine or the ocean roar. Cook like your life depends upon it. Whatever be your thrills please let them meticulously pierce any shrill within your spaces. Bend totality as a benefit marching in your direction.

May the sweat of your exploits convey an essay of powerful poetic perspiration.

LOVER of life. Especially people, places, philanthropy and photography.

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