Conversation with EveryBODY

Flexing My Foxy Body Flourish, Artwork by Sticky Shaw Art with BradensEye Selfie

EveryBODY isn’t the same. But every body has the same gift most choose to ignore. We all have the opportunity to be in conversation with our bodies. The more you know yourself very intimately, the more affluent and cherished your life becomes. Like a wishful crystal ball we all long to know so many things about our lives and our future. If only we could sense when is the best time for something or with whom is the best relationship or career move. Yet, your body holds keys and answers to everything if you’re willing to give it an audience and receive.

One of the pros of living in California is being exposed to new things and far out things. California continues to present me with new ways of tapping into bettering myself. Part of my life journey that’s overlapped heavily with my California journey is ailments and illness that plagued me since I was a young girl. Migraines and nutrition disconnect have been the barriers to me maintaining a radiant alpha rockstar ca all the time. I just couldn’t always keep a handle on my high times, which undoubtedly would get doused with lows that locked me down for days and fettered my fanny (and a tad bit too much more) with excessive weight swings up and down and way up again. Thus began a body conversation odyssey with which I’m keeping in communication for the rest of my life. Talking to my body spiked me thinking I was still special and saucy while unshackling loads of life woes.

Think about how effective it is when you are in communication with someone you love and they are truly listening to you. Think about how much more receptive you are to compromise, change, adjustments, feedback, vulnerability, tenderness, intimacy, and even positives like appreciation whenever you are being heard and you are open to listening fully. This is the exact same core of conversing with your body. The more in tune you are to hearing all that your body has to report, share, proclaim, denounce, critique, explore, comment, and groove on with your knowledge of it all, the more you thrive to clue in with what’s optimal acing it for your best life. Score!

What the heck is a conversation with my body, you may be asking. The cool part of this answer is that there isn’t just one way to converse with your body or hear what it has to tell you. This isn’t merely a consideration for babes or adults only either. And this body talk stuff doesn’t discriminate any matter if your ears work or don’t, you have limbs or not, and whatever your gender, religion, race, favorite color or food. Your dialogue with your body comes at the pleasing price of zero cost and always available to you because it’s your body and you’re with it all the time! The bare bones of a body conversation are like eavesdropping on the marrow. You’re slowing down your soul speed to be able to hear the truth and the spots in your body that carry and hold those truths. They will ‘speak’ to you given the space to do so.

We’ve all had moments where we feel sick to our stomachs, but don’t have a real tummy ache from something we ate or our immune system being under the crunch of the flu. Sometimes it’s heartache that stirs our innards poorly. Sometimes I yawn a lot, hiccup, start to sweat when it’s not summertime heat, or maybe my head throbs and it isn’t because I had too much dairy today. There are moments I’ve trembled for a long time, but it had nothing to do with an earthquake or being caught in a snowbank. All kinds of feelings, physical reactions, and inner senses are examples of how your body may be telling you something. Hopefully, these provide a ‘picture’ of what a conversation with your body can produce in response.

Last night I experienced world class body language sessioning with two wonderful women under the auspices of Womb Sense and Period Love. While this particular evening focused on that mystical gratuity that God granted the females on our planet called the menstrual cycle, it doesn’t leave out the opposite sex at this point in my story. In fact, much of the evening was looping in the context of how vital such body lingo works when shared in partnership. So you dudes please keep going with me here. The tips these gems provided us includes ancient wisdom and contemporary tools to connect with oneself to the point of near crystal ball knowing all the time. I think we all could use the understanding of when we’re going to be at our best, our worst, and so on. This was not bookish highbrow banter, this was for real! As these prolific ladies spoke, I reflected on the repetition and patterns I seemed to recall from my past. How there were times I talked to my family at the wrong time consistently, ending in tears or frustration or an argument. Other days I could do no wrong and even the strangers on the street noticed. My body had a lot to say about all of this.

Wouldn’t you love to know when the best time to go on a date is; or when to ask someone out on a date? I bet you’d highly welcome the right timing to hunker in at home and just sleep in. Maybe you’ve needed to clean out your stuffed closets, but haven’t matched the accomplish with your timing. How about sourcing when to flip the sexy switch on at the peak of your performance ability? Conversing with your body provides an unlimited power of potential for an endless celebration of answers to questions you’ve always wanted. Empathetic living is a keyword of the digital future, so why not be on board with it as a physical manifestation of your actual future. With the feminine, I discovered and fell in love with a master decoder through the knowledge of looking at my monthly bleeding cycle through a four phases seasonal approach. The scientific me got off on the daily tracking notion of me, and my partner-to-be, being able to keep up with my life swings (commonly referred to usually unlovingly as mood swings) through smart hormone apps. A more transparent me was available to me, and those around me, after all. The key was how close I was willing to listen to myself.

Conversely, masking was also discussed. For us girls, we might start a version of masking some of our body’s ability to speak with us clearly through acceptance of birth control drugs. The simplicity of wanting to save our pregnancy for a later time in life literally closes the conversation of knowing our cycle’s clearly, which in turn stops our proficiency in timing those very mood swings, peak life moments, or when to seek support in coping. Drugs cover things up. That’s what they’re designed to do. Drugs do this for anyone ingesting them. And while I’ve taken my share of drugs for medical and recreational reasons historically, I haven’t always enjoyed the repercussions. I’m merely pointing out this portal interruption if you’re into this entire body observation capability as much as I am.

What I’ve learned from my body thus far is a wide variety of dogma about me, my parents, my ancestors, and how to be a darn good human — partner, friend, family member, coworker, boss, and more. Being in conversation with my body brings an ever-unfolding grasp on my days filled with poop and those I want to make shine brightly. Remembering that I can stop in any moment and ask my body what the heck I think is going on with a situation, a person, a job offer, the weather, or the menu in front of me affords me an upper edge on the game of life that I find really useful. When I’m more insightful about myself I typically provide more insight for others. When I need some space for myself and I take it, and sometimes use that time to remind others to enjoy their freedom, instead of punishing others by being grumpy around them, I’m replenished and they’re happy I knew to do so. When I want connection and seek the best playmates for my timing the outcome produces more authentic brilliance. This body communication works to so many advantages.

This week I found I needed to maximize connection with people I’d been missing. My body was asking me to integrate actual live time with some fellow humans of which I’ve super fond. I’m grateful to share that I heeded my body’s call. In pacing my days to give myself a few chunks of time to plan dates with each of these exceptional bodies, I reinforced the value of the body probing prose. By listening to my body’s needs, I exhibited a better body feeling and being throughout my week, even with the valleys of chaos that swirled in some instances. Watching myself bounce out of the house today, dressed in comfy clothing that made me feel a little hipster gal meets sweetness meets Sporty Spice, resounded when my companion broadcast giant smiles back at me, opened up about his life’s work, treated me to lunch and cool cats coffee, and closed our connect time with fresh air views of the Pacific Ocean blue.

Stay tuned… in, to yourself, but not turned off and much much more turned on!

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