Nature Leads the Way, Photo by BradensEye

I want to sell you the quality of creation. Quality is loaded with graceful morality: character, caliber, and value. We exist on a sphere with enormous bandwidth for variety. The predilections are wildly unbounded. It’s all a television network’s far-out primetime best. We’ve had woolly mammoths to glow worms (who aren’t even worms), plants that make you projectile puke like Carrie from The Exorcist, and fellow humans that claim their fame through finance, fasting, dancing, writing, acting, politics, singing, sword fighting, wrangling goats, and making more lives to say the least. We’re a mighty bunch of creation machines.

There are no fine lines between how wondrously diverse life is on our planet. We have rainbow plants, fish, and skies. There are giant whales, giant humans, and tiny pygmies. Consider all the animals that fly, while others have no arms or legs, maybe maneuvering via rolling, slithering or slugging along. Science and medicine catapulted bionics into the equation too, giving many lives a longer shot at the daredevil antics of human possibility. Some bodies dazzle and some minds solve prior incurables or innovate us to historically unforeseen realms. Any smidgen available can burst forth grandeur.

Yet, what I don’t get at my core is why we remain fighting for equality. Superiority is as man-made as Hallmark, Mattel or war. This concept that anyone, or anything, is better and deserves more rights than any single other is the most bewildering nonsense. You don’t regularly see a cactus wanting to make a border wall to keep out the snakes. Varied colored sands cozy up to green, brown, purple, and multi-colored plants or animals and they’re not getting bent out of shape about it. The oceans blend with seas, rivers, and lakes without clear dividing lines in many cases. What’s beneath those waters co-mingles and figures it all out without having invented guns and court or needing lawyers to duke it out for them. I mean, can you imagine a dolphin justice system in an attempt to thwart the sharks?

Humans are aligned as part of the animal kingdom. However, I’ll admit an outstanding ignorance when it comes to our fellow kingdom creatures that came long before us. We’re utter crap with the thriving to survive common sense. Instead of creating more blooming space to work together, we’ve got gobs of us creating destruction instead of tolerance. I liken this to a valuable conversation my dad has shared with me for years. The astute professor of economics, politics, and history that he is, he struck me with the notion that our United nation wasn’t acting so united. He inferred that the youthful age of our country was on course to be our demise if we continued. Similar to a teenager’s invincibility, he was inferring how America never seemed to take heed from its ancestors: Africa, Asia, Europe, or else. Before we were the US of A, there was plenty of history that painted our Earthly timeline full of what happens with combat, dictatorship, famine, slavery, censorship, and even the basic class, race, or color separatism mentalities.

Bad things never end well. It’s why they’re defined so suitably. We don’t have highly glorified examples that applaud what a good thing that slavery or bloodshed period was for the world. It’s why the turmoil of history is pegged as poor decisions. We may ponder our tremendous production of loss of liberty and life, which includes any chance for the pursuit of happiness. Pretending you’ve got a new answer to an age-old problem that takes up many pages in any history schoolbook, on which countless nonfiction books have been written and won awards, and that fill the internet is downright silly. Who do we remain thinking we can reinvent the wheel?

This is a day to honor and be thankful. I also think this is a day, as any day should be, to examine our need for division. Separation is typically paired with terms like anxiety or relationships going poorly. So why on this creatively vast Earth are any of us proclaiming a need for anything less than equality? I’d love to see everyone given a clean energy jetpack with enough power for a lifetime when they’re born. Then, let’s have the border wall conversation again. It’s absurd. But to top it off, a preposterous waste of money. Not to mention, sums likely better spent serving people in need.

It’s always been up to us to decide what we’re going to make of this global place we call home. According to roughly half the scientists and Kurzgesagt, all life as we know it is truly going to end at some point. I, for one, think it’s a pretty awesome experience. I’d love to see it extend for ample generations beyond me. The best way to get on with this bit of perkiness is to choose the good life for all. Have a think. Embrace your neighbors, strangers, co-workers, bosses, veterans, and all animals no matter what color, creed, intellect, or speed they may be. The truth of equality is the freedom to be exactly as you are. Real equality is rejoicing the individuality of all uniquely creative souls.

All of it, all of us, is continually evolving. Many of us have access to reading and watching it unfold via the worldwide web with gems like Science Daily. The “when I was born” colloquialism becomes more fun for me as time passes. The future has bright spots. I carry hope. I believe you can become a DJ on an organic farm if that’s your jam. The possibilities appear more endless than any era before. Through it all, I have a searing devotion of wanting to see the peace I know comes with equality for all. There is simply no time like the present. Nor will there ever be. Let’s please make it count for good and stop counting the bodies lost.

One small writing for woman. One giant creative leap able for manKIND.

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