Making the Most of It, Semi-Selfie toasting happiness with the terrific Timothy White

Concocting a carnival of gratitude seeks aptitude. While my veins typically pump tons more positivity than the average person I meet, I identically have zero lack of linkage to the fluster of be-damned damage that a lopsided load of turd tidings brings round a wee too regularly. Plainly put, similar to the bulk of humans, I’ve got a knack for ushering in some hefty zingers. There’s that domestic violence movement I practically invited to park among my perkiness for eight years and change (oh, yes, lots of change!) or the tiny baby that began before I knew it inside of me that I decided to lovingly part ways with to that recent dastardly philanderer cancer. If flatlining was a flirtation, I’d have been at least thrice-married, divorced, and bulbous with a crowd of kids by now. Introducing credit cocktails is this mixologist’s cure for impurities bumping against our good grind.

… to love consciously,
conscientiously, concretely, constructively. ~
Marge Piercy, To Have Without Holding, The Moon is Always Female

Buffering any barrage of our life storms is a primo trick of us happiness beacons. I feel that everyone’s just endeavoring for a decent date with unwinding surpassing that once in a blue moon mantra. Therefore, I believe we’ve gotta back our philosophies right the F up in order to craft a foolproof backup plan. When whoppers are causing you to question if karma has it out for you it’s time to hightail your hormones toward appreciation appetizers and thanks-giving feasts. By affirming your crumbs to megabucks of magical worship we may essentially amputate those stringent poisons popping you out of optimistic auras. It’s silly enough that the word “love” conjures so many sorts of chaos. When it’s effectively reinforced to joust every illness as seamlessly as it juggles one’s competitive races between mentality, emotions, and physicality.

I like to think that my share of trauma is tied to that ultimate test everyone faces, appropriately known as ‘survivor’ (ahem, the living version; which we needn’t have a tv show about since it’s our natural reality). All mocking aside, we merit badges of reverence as quickly as I can type ‘awe’. However, we’re pitched hulking rosters we’re often expected to complete. Even machines eventually breakdown if used improperly. Rigorous can ripen you and it might smite you. Sometimes slaying vertical is the supreme accomplishment of my entire day. Seriously sans joking, the fact that I’m upright and choosing anything beyond remaining buried in a pile of covers and dreams is a Jesus Christ Superstar-satire eternally ogling my attention. Accordingly, I’ve chosen to chase the sunny slices of life because they orchestrate far more shine without my excess efforts.

Broken, still I find my feeling
My need for you will all the more resound ~
Hayden Everett, Resolve

Whenever your experience rumbles it’s calling for you to gamble on evaluation. We either eat a shit sandwich or we salute the study that we’re hungry and able to consume. A list of simplicities gets to remind you that you’re usually overweight from a habit of harvesting outward incriminations or possibly being extremely hard on yourself. After all, beer may be the ideal tumbler coaxing your ordeals into submission or it could be the bully that merely blisters a festering situation. For me, it’s the difference of mingling with a Filthy Dirty (aka olive/juice-sodden) or any non-nude martini compared to the raw deal. Add splashes of smiles, folly, and the jolliest of companions to watch my heart skip darling beats. This reliance is about the science of cajoling citations of ease. Such unraveling portrays the playful aspects of pursuing allies no matter the (ob)scenery.

I’m the kind of person who will routinely lend you laughter and empathetically bend over frontward to apply your pains in my arse if I’m running the chance to assuage your grief. I’ll also loan you the miniskirt off of my rack. And, speaking of ‘racks’, a few of you rascals pronounce a forte for bribing me with beautiful comments to pose in my bikinis. I’m a greedy foodie. I feed on compliments ~ verbal through psychological generosities. Ergo, whether the (learning) curves come furious and fast, throw their balls, or fit romantically next to mine, I’m hoping to remember that the best direction is respecting our collection of merriment. This behavior consists of holistic helpings of felicity on a scale of one to infinity. Locate something, anything, to get your grin in grand gear: bubblegum, the sun, maybe my short stories. Memorize that you are the maestro for whom you’ve been waiting.

Retuning your mood is only a perspective away.

LOVER of life. Especially people, places, philanthropy and photography.

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