Cruising Catalyst

4 min readMay 26, 2023
Wrapped in Rapt, Semi-Selfie cozied in The Ludlow, one of her preferred slumbers

Spurred Onward

Open season
for the dog-eared pages
of unscripted and rip-roaring
tantalizing day
A decadent parade
of possibilities
Nada too shabby
if unexplored
or already adored
Grounded in boundaries
Both kinds (wink-wink)
Cruising catalyst
Replete with captivation
Eventually skipping out
Yet rife in acclaim
Maybe returning to do it again

How can I leave my mark on the world, I thought, unless I get out there first and see it? ~Shoe Dog by Phil Knight

Touring whatever bits of existence that I’ve been able to get to thus far is this endless wardrobe that I never tire of wearing. Each new offering on this planet of earthen extravagance is like a live personality profiling for me. Anywhere I go informs and reforms my grooves. Whenever I’m cranky with one fixation or find myself itching for a stylin n’ profilin’ tempo, I can pick up to pluck sweet threads from a space that’s impressionably unbucketed from my coveted list or I may return to slinking beneath the covers of a well-proven hotelier. Perhaps dialing up my buck naked dozer dalliancing. The choice is always within my making. My mid-thirties divulged this emergence of…




LOVER of life. Especially people, places, philanthropy, pondering, and photography.