Come a Little Bit Closer, Photo by BradensEye of two cuddle masters


When the weather’s kinda chilly and we start to kiss and hug
Everybody thinks she’s silly ’cause she wants to cuddle bug
That cuddle buggin’ baby of mine keeps cuddle buggin’ all the time
Honey sweet double treat that cuddle buggin’ baby of mine.

When we go to see a movie and the lights are way down low
I can tell she’d rather cuddle bug than stay and see the show
That cuddle buggin’ baby of mine keeps cuddle buggin’ all the time
I repeat ain’t she sweet that cuddle buggin’ baby of mine.

When the band begins to playin’ and start to cuddle rug
I can almost share her sayin’ let’s go home and cuddle bug
That cuddle buggin’ baby of mine keeps cuddle buggin’ all the time
Turtle dove full of love that cuddle buggin’ baby of mine.

— Instrumental —

Oh, I love my little darling and I guess I always will
When it comes to cuddle buggin’ I just never get my fill
I love that cuddle buggin’ baby of mine keeps cuddle buggin’ all the time
Makes this boy jump with joy that cuddle buggin’ of mine…

Endearing nuzzles are an imprint for which we should aim. A majority begin this world swathed in cuddles. There’s no excuse for stopping from then to the end. Pressed in to please, we may steal time’s movement to keep lingering in lovin’ this way. Kept to the consensual kindliness it should be, I cannot help thinking enough cuddles could save our climate crisis. For all the ethical woes our politics throw, I believe we’re missing the caressing cleansing cuddle culture offers. Sure, dressing to impress remains a useful gauge, but how about etching your way into those hearts and minds by emphasizing your cuddlesome qualities too. Hugging alone is an art form clasping the attention of those saving the more luscious show-and-tell for marriage. Enlacing a proper embrace gets one oodles of swipe-right energy in the real world. Cuddling is by far one of my favorite religions.

Love for me is innocence, honesty, compassion, trust, loyalty, a gentle summer breeze, sunshine, a great cuddle. ~A.J. McLean

I endure weakness without being touched. You may note signs of a great cuddler in someone who’s not shy about looking you straight in the eyeballs to grant you loyal affection. They don’t pull away too fast, nor just pat you appeasingly, and especially not displeasingly. Instead they meant a tender touch and fully follow it with a smile. Though we’re living in a historical age of unearthing exploitation regarding allowing our bodies to be fondled, it’s our reasoning that requires a reckoning. For all the learning we pay to receive, and that which we’re taught for free, the scientific benefits of a good cuddle are left out. The times I’ve been drenched in enough curled up huddles with another human each day leverage my operating system. I smoothly bound from my berth, floating to work, because I know what beauty awaits the conclusion of my hard-earned hours. Anytime I’ve felt lost or compelled to unwind, the sincerity of some sympathetic snuggling works faster than any medicinal potion money can buy. Frankly, I’m quite ok to never be married nor bear a child so long as a classic cuddle is close by.

I feel your love so real in my love, so true and strong especially when you put your arms around me. You make me always crave your cuddles. ~Purity Hogan

Life is steadily separating us. The society of cuddling is cultivation for connecting us back together. Cuddles are a refinement on the approach for which language became customary. Contemplate our vintage history. So many ancient generations survived to bear us to light merely through their cuddles. In wicked weather, people cluster to provide warmth. Soldiers crammed in unison are a force field of protection when fighting. Many cuddlers are veteran hand-holders. They know their way around a proper street-crossing elegance to a beach walk or any slow stroll. They’re also the ones primed to sit bedside for cuddles of loved ones for any kind of season. While a cuddle includes that which is comfortably sexy, there are plenty to go around that define love through a myriad of terms. The potency of powerful cuddling is an authority that conducts the electricity our personal energy fields find important. It is not wholly our appetite urges that are the issue. The distinction is hidden behind what we desire. Simply stated, we need more healthy cravings like cuddling.

He cubbed her in his arms to sleep, even her demons snored that night. ~Tanya Gambhir

Cuddles spared me utter wretchedness during cramming for college exams. I’ll freely admit I was slightly shattered years later when it was discovered that my famed cuddle partner was soon to be betrothed. Whilst hugs across ‘the pond’ (he was moving with his UK sweetie to her native land) might happen again, they were guaranteed infrequent. A solid cuddle can settle all sorts of complicated equations befuddling you. I’m willing to estimate some of my prevailing slumber troubles may be solved with the right amount of sociable bed-sharing. We have the room to accept frolicsome connection via sources from people to stuffed toys or even songs of resonance. Situations of carefully cuddling rely on the relief stream they maintain to support all the melting away of sorrows. Inside most anxiety dwells a child hoping for a happy cuddle.

Being cuddly has nothing to do with size. ~Brigitte Nielsen

Take this in as slowly or speedily as is appropriate for you ~ Whomever you are and whatever that looks like has zero to do with your ability to reign supreme in the land of cuddling culture! Pervasive perfectionism will never stand a chance in the world of cuddling. Part of the fabulous flocking I would treasure to have circulating centered upon cuddling is due to the countless combinations of its transcendence. I’ve stroked midnight beneath a full moon coddled in the darkest arms of a foreign man of handsome color. I’ve been invited to cuddle puddle parties on multiple coasts. The Europeans and counterculture civilizations ease-of-touching ways outside the USA have coated me in the conclusion that we’re still so far behind. I intensely relate to the rollicking joy that cuddling is meant to be.

The best thing to hold onto in life is each other. ~Audrey Hepburn

Nestle in anytime for a cozy Cuddle Song character adjustment.

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