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The psychology of steering anybody is about diving in, rather than caving. Profundity begins with an agreement for looking inside. Positive positioning in life is delivered after massive amounts of surrendering over to trusting oneself has set in deeply. Figuring ourselves out is centrifugal mediation for micro-managing all of our formidable muscles ready to immortalize our flesh. It’s not merely flying your freak flag, insomuch as admiring that devotee to their peculiar rarity. If you’re with a buttoned-up bias, instead your core target could be your relationship to all things tailoring. This program is your penchant for authenticity. When we’re not seeking snippiness while fondling our patterns unselfishly. Curating our character is about processing, in lieu of controlling, our grace. I’m here to cheerlead the art of shamelessly beating ourselves to a pulp of personality, head over heels compassionately.

Personality is an unbroken series of successful gestures. ~F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby

[Hip Hip Hooray Disclaimer: These notions work best with satisfactory counseling.] What we see is seldom the value of what we get. I regard your refrigerator, your boyfriend, or your expensive bathing suit. Yet, none of those details are blowing my way. Some hunger for conformity. While others starve without context. Put me in the latter category. I want to create and you tell me I can any day. However, there are bills to pay. So, I’ll prowl the sidelines of my typing time and attempt to angle your outlook. Why, Rorschach appeared an eccentric inquisition, allow me to offer you my artistic rendition of a bank of trees posing as one giant sequoia in relief. In the case that skinny is your structure, you’re perhaps mad at me. Photographs ought never ascend irregular directionality to their actuality. Conversely, looping in all you limitless types, you may proudly support the inspiration.

Everyone is not your audience. Sorting that distinction will augment the arc of your abilities. My long-standing date with Dennis Hopper’s Easy Rider manners educated me thus so effusively. His bona fide reliability for appreciation was the epitome of organically grown pure love. A cardinal evil resides in professing you’re the property of someone else’s convenience. We’re eroding our time wishing to grasp another’s current flowing. The house they designed with the exact same-sized square windows we’ve seen on nearly every other house ever created. When, invariably, your own glow was frankly stifled disguised as a fake. Perchance, you’ve got a flair for the Parisian similar to moi. You’ll go all French kissing, tongue-tangling quite contrarily for the diamonds to circular dainty features. Our plights shall be the pinnacle of promising the more faithful we retain our identity. Let your everyday routine be an enraptured rendering of your most passionate beliefs.

Fuck yes
I am exactly the person that I want to be ~
Amanda Palmer, In My Mind

‘Taming the enterprising bohemian’ is an opportune chapter in my untapped autobiography. My gradient slopes and summits experientially aptness. Every teaching has informed me I’m stronger at the collaborative state of being. It’s all wound intricately in the ‘we’ part of me as I see it ~ Collective Presencing. I wield wonders when given the free range to engage. I’m at peak functionality when collecting. This can be a variety of variables from friends, to seashells, resources, used clothing, ideas, memories, poetry, or popular profanities. I’ve learned more volunteering than in many of my secondary classroom bum-numbing moments. Or the hours I was thrown into situations where my body and brain were called to cooperate, less the group ethos be slain. I’m an explosive pyrotechnic’s wet dream when left without canvas and duration. Thereby, given the means to decide where I want to make my marks, how differently, and why casting its creativity spontaneously.

It makes no sense to hitchhike toward whomever you are supposed to be. That’s akin to expecting the rainbow to always remain. Our diversity is our stamina innately. We can share our travels without relying on others’ provisions. The ingredients of proper prospecting of your quality traits lie within the bed of morality. Legitimacy isn’t honesty won through accreditation, exterior validation, or shallow shadowing. You may choose to follow someone else’s show, path, career, or reputation. Although, conductors make astute leaders because they’re aware of their community. They pay homage to the necessity of the expert of individuality in cahoots for the symphony. If any single participant risks the entitlement of superiority the music fails. Each of us must play our own part, avoid any plummeting, and reach for salvation through our unrivaled volume. I deem you’re a civilized mammal when you’re performing true to your spirit. Please, don’t ever abandon your levels of abundant yield circa yourself. My hope for any human is that they’re ever able to fully embody feeling awestruck with zeal for their contribution.

May your intimate mentoring measures provide colossal cures.

LOVER of life. Especially people, places, philanthropy and photography.

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