Saint Papa, Photo by BradensEye

Life is an enormous tutorial. Those conceived who enter our world teeming with teaching energy are one of the grandest guides gifted to our universe. Dwellers with the DNA embedded for lessons come saturated with leaps ahead of the rest of us. To understand that every millisecond of your being is meant for learning earns you one degree. But to approach the spirals of gaining any knowing through the avenues of habitual instruction for others while in progress oneself is to be aligned with prophets. I was compelled to take a blogging commercial break from my generally random ramblings to applaud a man of esteemed eminence who was born on this date almost eight decades ago. My daddy dogma praises that wisdom is power. Therein, the ethers that converged to land me in the lap of an abode spun ripe with a father overflowing in educational enthusiasm keeps me broadcasting the merits of infinite erudition.

Learn to recognize the counterfeit coins
That may buy you just a moment of pleasure,
But then drag you for days
Like a broken man
Behind a farting camel. ~
Hafez, ‘Cast All Your Votes for Dancing’ from I Heard God Laughing

Learning expertise is much about loitering in discovery. Yet, it bequeaths forgeries with the same haste as you hope to receive gilded gems that will never leave you. Having the eyes to remain alert with vivid curiosity irrespective of outcome often needs the clout of a clown. You want the precision of a winning quarterback’s aim coupled with the aloofness of James Bond staring down the barrel of a gun while making eyes at some dame. The man I lived with the first eighteen years of my livelihood is a devout humorist connoisseur. Our true training is settling into how we’re handling those unsettling stories we’ll encounter. Therein, I was raised on heavy doses of historical reference points joined by jesting. I think it’s gratuitous abuse to feign a living without the necessities of a nice slice of comedy. I’ve witnessed my dad’s weapon of wit get him through legions of inexplicable bruises, burdens, and baffling damage.

Things may get you down, barring only you can honestly choose if there’s no way up. Taking charge of our raucous conundrums is ingenuity to maintain our sense of melody. My sis and I shared an upbringing that was embossed with a flair of principles geared at giving us the scope of higher ground. We were taught that civilization wasn’t merely what you detected walking along your own roads. We were introduced to cultural customs ordained by ethnicities perhaps unreal we’d ever meet. A marvelously motley crew of music, religion, literature, and cuisine dotted our scene. I don’t recall a question left unanswered. Although, in retrospect, there were a vast number of queries I didn’t put to my main man which shuffle nostalgically. And, not that going backward is a forbidden study, but I so revel in a chat with my Papa Jim that his contemporary reveals are enough to encourage my intellections.

Out in the street
Out in the daytime
Out in the night

And then we’ll take it higher ~
Eddy Grant, Electric Avenue

That darn phrase ‘Wherever you go, there you are’ has snickered at me ruthlessly. I’ve been treated to beguiling luxury aboard ritzy yachts at sea or swanky private jets floating above some far-off country and still had a peace or poop problem. We’re apt to sickeningly repeat anything we’ve floundered if we’re a little lost in distilling the clean conclusions. Anytime is overdue urgency for a good advancement of your humanity. Hence, I try to remember to regulate my involvements with a theory of airy acceptance linked arm in arm with intimate dexterity. The more room I give inspiration the preferable the chemistry. They really aren’t bottoming me out is rendered as: they’re showing me dejection so that I might renounce stupidity. Consequently, the fatherly belief runs the game from the sly sidelines banner I’ll put into words as: ‘If you can’t beat them, you can bend them or better them’!

When the University sent my dad their pandemic fall semester formalities they’d inferred an impossibility for him to lecture the big bunch of students. They were attempting to forge a ceremony of exclusively online discourse for Mr. Emeritus renowned for his rare person-to-person collaborative command. Except, he’s also pretty solid at arithmetic. He politely told them that he was splitting his class into two sections. Half would be informed to appear at school one week, as the other group would tune in virtually and then flip the live order weekly. In the physical realities of international planetary business realm, your domain of success rested on the literal shoulders of your prowess for direct engagement. An orthodox hypothesis of any mastery supposes we’ll acquire most rational growth when our accuracy of authenticity is increased. Technology remains a tool. However, like any robot, it’s no replacement for individual connection. Change be the only constant. It’s with a certain verve of fortitude that one may mollify all that’s flung at oneself in a lifetime of probabilities.

A toast for the humans who supply and sustain our personal faith.

LOVER of life. Especially people, places, philanthropy and photography.

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