Dating Our Darkness

4 min readMar 13, 2020
Glowing Light and Dark, Photo by BradensEye

There are teachings in the turbulent edges of tension. Humans feel and think loads of emotionally thoughtful exceptionality. To one person the same idea could be crossing boundaries, pushing limits that imply insanity or achievement. It’s the fact that we’re all prone to weakness, desperation, basically any apex that could be considered an emergency. You need not a special reason for your nerves to strike an alert. Herein, I’m sharing about channeling a philosophy of practically cuddling those ugly crimes against your happy humanity. My desire around dating our darkness is a simplistic proverb I’ve made that keeps me maintaining lively ability ~ Well-being is well, being. Meaning, to the greatest extent that we allow ourselves to fully ride our roller-coaster honestly the more our swells of panic to sadness may become as a skilled surfer’s wet dream. Just showing up as you truly are is a leg above a lot of us so many occasions.

When you light a candle you also cast a shadow. ~Ursula K. Le Guin

You can always trust two angles of our framework are operating simultaneously: the light and the dark. Both are in your favor should you decide to source guidance within each. It doesn’t matter how on top of the world we may be for ourselves or in others’ perceptions. The shape of anxiety is by no model an exact thing. Maybe similar to a ghost who’s outer lines aren’t defined, or sometimes not even seen, the trouble with our unrestful stresses are their shifty careening extremes. Effective dating can be an analogous anomaly. The concept that we’re supposed to be dancing with the diversity of more than one individual is often computed as cheating before any commitment has solidified. Dalliances with our dark side might cling to a parallel unproductive exclusivity. Instead, I encourage you to balance the frontier of your relationship aspirations toward remaining open to the candid credence of sufficiently sorting full monty.

Experimenting with a principle of profundity, perhaps you don’t rush your darkness. Sitting inside its sneakiness, even the pain, is the scope for ministering a deeper connection to self-agility. It can hit as indiscriminately as the recent Nashville tornado tore holes into my nephew’s Donelson Christian Academy school. I can be having a perfectly blissful day to then be rocked to the floor like a prize-winning Olympian


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