Stepping Out and Stepping Up, Selfie

All things that make you want to boogie are what to engineer. Setting ourselves up for a sterling job of being ourselves is quite the task at hand. We blow through a lot of time chewing over portions of ourselves that aren’t sifting as a success. Crafting a conqueror with whatever you’ve got can be a bit like watching shows you dream of inserting yourself into the same living scenes. We’re supposed to work with what we’ve been given. This appears easier for some than others. Yet, even Royals have met barriers to secure their place in the realm of happiness. However, farfetched has never meant impossible. It amounts to what we designate is great. As well as inducing blissings wherever able within our own channels of riches. When you apply scrutiny in order to shine this is your dazzling latitude. It’s why distinguishing accuracy from errors matters. Rewarding our best options is the litmus.

The more the marble wastes the more the statue grows. ~Michelangelo

I’m less apprehensive than I used to be about watching the fuzz to fizzle of my relationships with people who’ve been down in the dumps relating to me. You probably know someone of this type. In short, a person who, no matter the length of time you spend sharing with them, will always include complaints in their dialogue. A true artisan who isn’t part of your rhyme will tack on a mint of excuses and/or exaggerations. Disinfecting our lives of personalities that don’t make us jump and jive is endearing. Although, I’ve located ironies imitating wanna-be’s sidelining ogling the crowds getting busy with their freedom of VIPness movements. Giving up the entirety of what incompetently serves us is a goofy fear. It’s tarnished by the velcro that won’t let go ~ we still want what we think we can’t have, anything with which we’ve failed or teases us lingering just out of reach. But lurking around unlovable is far from in vogue.

Fitness has become for me more of a psychically motivational workout. With the wrinkled challenges of life, I realize it’s inside of myself that I must strengthen to face any demons. The stronger my mental muscles the lower my bonkers rating with any momentary (i.e. minutes to months) lapses of reasoning. Problems begin to quiz our lucidity. When cursing and wicked wit are afoot it’s my cue to be suspect. I, for one, didn’t start out strutting my stuff so smoothly. I was as wobbly as my current learning-to-surf weight distribution issues wanting to be gliding while paddling. In fact, there are all still ancient formulas that send me lurching into old patterns of disgrace. Once I’m aware there’s torment on the agenda it’s (re)activating the idea of attainment from the scope of splendid capacity. Breathe as the wind in your own hair emoting divine. Be with others unto only them who would relish you.

What a feeling
Bein’s believin’
I can have it all
Now I’m dancing for my life ~
Irene Cara, Flashdance

Sometimes I simply need a little red lipstick or sunshine to remedy my head case. So what that your latest seduction wasn’t the one who’ll be meeting your family during the holidays while trading gifts cozied by a fireplace. THAT remains an everyday dress for you: a sipping coffee like a queen on your balcony, dining overlooking the terrific Pacific on a hot new anniversary fate, to any VIP premiere, doing Bollywood prance breaks at home alone, to anyone else’s wedding as interim inspiration, along all beach days for jaw-dropping bystanders flurry, sauntering along Rodeo Drive like you own the place, stuffed with a bestie in the front passenger seat of a Lamborghini during a hot night out in a hot foreign town, and with all whiskey tastings in the least! (Feeling your) Foxiness is next to guile (godliness). It’s how we’re gazing at ourselves when addressing our difficulties that loads our eventualities with utmost grace.

Glossy doesn’t download every step of our way. Identically, it’s rarely feasible to gloss over what’s butted into your life in hopes to cause you to weather into a new improved layer of yourself. Putrid circumstances aside, I’ve licked some bottoms and known many others who’ve seen far worse dates invade their survival. Permit yourself to be swayed by a Kiss Off endorsement of your individual approval ratings. The joke is purely on you if stuck is where you’d prefer to stay. Rather, retrace your stranded state with the construction of ranking harmony higher than letting your life be hacked… to pieces, as in fragmented, instead of the novelty hacking version. The degrees to which we swill a potion of positivity incantation to recapitulate whenever we’ve hit a dead-end is the beauty to our nature. Defeat your urges to lay in retreat of victim mode by countering with your OMG-worthy boasting.

Heating Up Humor, Selfie

May you remember to be the number one fan proud of your FANtabulousness!

LOVER of life. Especially people, places, philanthropy and photography.

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