Destiny Weavers

4 min readJan 16, 2023
Standing With Hope, Semi-Selfie circa 2015 on the same spot where Martin Luther King, Jr. gave his historical speech

Inebriated Trances

a singular eternal season
Spinning spells
Born to our grave
Graceful through gruffly
Episodically enterprisingly
Everyone’s had at least one
A piping hot figment
informing your life’s work
A conglomeration
Particles you know
and some you’ve not yet met
Fishing for ways
to enter your streams
Be it your movement
Gotta keep groovin’
None too large
and some so small
All in
or sometimes totally unhinged
Coming out of thin air
shooting outta your ears
or off the crown of your head
Swimming inside
of every cell
Loaded with potential
to be the next big thing
Planted or enchanted
to tipping reality
into a new being
For you
for a race
for the world
Channeling or challenging truth
Switches for the psyche
Perhaps a global exchange
growth game-changer
Sans excuses
Motivational uses
Destiny weavers
each of us is
at our own speed
Taking and making
treasures out of thin air
Raising ideas
Drunk on possibility

When thinking became flexible joints became flexible. ~Tool Maker, Mutant Message Down Under by Marlo Morgan

What’re your dream schemes? Fancies that’ll have you choreographing your sweetest fruitions. I’ve got so many left at my current age of fifty-two (, a winky-dink quickly dwindling)! We build these castles in our minds a lot of the time. Heck, huge aspects of me have been anchored to what I’ve never seen. If you’ve been lapping this writing block awhile, you’re aware that I’ve practically circumnavigated the planet more than once by plane. Even the escape artist in me romanticizing the someday via sailboat version. I’m a people addict and a social butterfly with gigantic wings…




LOVER of life. Especially people, places, philanthropy, pondering, and photography.