Devotionally Intervening

Oh, Great Lady Listener, Photo by BradensEye featuring Chinese Temple Guan Yin in Thailand

Conversations with the ether may keep one streaming sanely. Actively invoking what we’d prefer is a right of human passage. We can’t help but come into this world wanting things. While some are the humble practicalities such as food and water the rest are lumped as a wide spectrum of intimate ‘necessity’. Therefore, as we are born so do we fluff our entitled feathers. Our needs might be blurred with our reality. On the other hand, numerous are seen gushing luxuriously to wastefully. In lieu of being hateful, I tend to bow ornately. Devotionally intervening any personal cravings meets any brimming of envy rather well. From merely discussing to unmitigated beseeching, my dialogue to alternate realms stretches far beyond arms reach. Inclusive with hoping any may hear me, I call on Goddesses, the big man traditionally (to heaps more I trust are watching our scores), as well angels, and any deceased I adore. Replete with God-speak is one of my neatest tricks.

Forgive me my nonsense as I also forgive the nonsense of those who think they talk sense. ~Robert Frost

The way I sense it, exchanges were never meant solely between human beings. The idea to be communicating regularly with some infinite spirituality simply makes riding the riddle of existence a more fun-tuned experience. Frequently I announce to Him that I’m ready for some ‘floor’ time. Occasionally I begin yapping at anything to everything. I’ll commonly start chattering beneath the swaying limbs of trees, at piles of big rocks especially, and passing bees. Maybe there’s a Creator or possibly aliens are kindly listening to all of my verbosity. What’s mattered most to me is the arc of creating time to address my concerns confidently and confidentially. That I’m interested more in the action of worship than who’s noticing me is my chief reasoning. Prayer is a most practical verb that provides my ability to believe. Why I pray is wrapped in a bundle of care for aiming to devise my grandest means along with those I please for others I love. Divining every day is my version of celebrity praise.

I find that connecting with the power of why you come to a discourse or meeting with the Heavens to hope for a change is a peculiar importance. We’re quick to lose track in life of our offerings versus receiving understanding. Perhaps there’s a humorous mood influencing your cry for a sack of blueberries or a partner who will kiss your lips endlessly as if cotton-candy sweetness were the gluttony they wouldn’t ever wish to be without. Just as a quaint player involved off to the side who’s keen to win every game, it’s the maturity of mastering all angles that sets the truly peaceful pace. Often for me, I’m unfolding profound sacrifice about my vulnerability as honesty through gigantic feelings by revealing secrets, my tears, anguish, and repeatedly rolling laughter paired because I’m shouting my yearnings. Notice how we arrive into such scenes: bearing flowers, a candle to be lit, or boldly barren with our imploring sincerity.

I think you saved me
I know you saved me ~
Slowly Slowly, Jellyfish

Applause has always reminded me of a sea of prayerful people rejoicing in unison. We’re grateful for the experience of seeing success. In our elation, we join our hands in the infamous ‘prayer’ positioning repeatedly with enthusiasm to express our excitement over the attainment of what must be others’ prayers that have been heard. Victory with a fairly easy task, compared to rebuilding broken bodies or dreams. In all of our intermediate becoming lives the demand for us facilitating the will to carry on. Where do we go to lounge our longings betwixt the boundaries of non-existential things? Take me to temples or churches, besides a boat so far-flung into the ocean with no land in sight and bathed in the shadows of a darkest night that even the starlight splattered wildly amongst the skies cannot shine a lick of brightness. I faithfully correlate my hunger to continue longevity with my reverential brokering.

To remain on speaking terms with the unseen to the unusual seems far from silly to me. Piously pouring our hearts out helps process darn near anything. To these ends, I plead for plentiful pagodas, terrific tabernacles, altruistic abbeys, momentous mosques, celestial cathedrals, special synagogues, and hordes of sacred shrines or sanctuaries available to my toes up-close individually or fingers fancy online if I’m denied an in-person meet (no thanks to Coronavirus nor Chinese censorship in our 21st century; even of its own courageous youth like Vicky Xu who impress me). Identically, crafting the intervals to unload your range of appeals can bring you several ounces of ease. Remember the places that furnish you with relief. Be aware where your oxygen flourishes ~ in nature, the city, or feasibly at Jesus’ feet. Conscientiously conversing anywhere that suits you is what I pronounce holy-listically. Blessed be rolling your language to these zones as sweet serendipity.

May your devoutly spouting ways uplift your days.

LOVER of life. Especially people, places, philanthropy and photography.

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