Disappointment Dancing

4 min readMay 2, 2022
Sacred Reset, Photo by BradensEye featuring talented @dance_with_alia

Breakup with your bummers. What a nice ring that’s got to it, huh?! If only it were as restful to do as the writing of it came to me. Right off the bat, I’ll admit this isn’t scheduled so flipping easily. There’s no insta-switch that turns grossly represented blemishes into beauty instantly nor overnight. Finding the light when you’re just not feeling good can be tricky. Yet, it always seems to bathe me in serenity. It’ll haul me from complete upset toward the land of gratification. Like when we’re listened to, surely seen by someone that our heartbeat has deemed so peachy, or any version of retribution is proposed to illume our shadow selves. Everything offers us the opportunity to be temporary or lasting. What we do with our downers really matters. Disappointment dancing calls for us to dive into our wells of detachment from pain.

Nothing is more necessary than the unnecessary. ~Zio (Uncle) by Giustino Durano, Life Is Beautiful

Amid the innocence there lies the learning. Infinite education is for the assimilation-minded. It’s the wisdom piece to play on our living game board. Often we won’t discover without meeting defeat. Whether peripheral to dominant woes, which sway to skipping duds that you choose to grace is of nimble measure. Could we angle things enough such that there’s room to observe a separate position? Where would I prefer to be? Rather than viewing a fiasco, we might want to ponder another avenue. Moving away or getting in step with your vexations is how we upgrade. Think of it as constantly having a place for yourself aboard the relocation train. We shouldn’t allow our choices to remain as a final fate if we don’t wish to stay in whatever slumped space. We choreograph our decisions. Therefore, you’re able to create a pleasing promenade to polka whenever needs be.

Derailment is no excuse for forgetting to review every iota of the fine print, add important dates to one’s calendar for follow-through, or avoid the inescapable truths breathing hot bothersome flushes, rage, or simply pervasive sadness over situations of loss. My logical brain knows that my pesky year and a half cancer curve ought to steer far from absolving me from any missteps. Although, a pardon may be quite carefully due with health calamities in sight. An hour-plus interview I gave for my collegiate alma mater returns excitement in the audio weblink…


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