Donations Doula

4 min readSep 16, 2022
Re-Book It Brew, Photo by BradensEye featuring her initial donation date at The Last Bookstore

More is a chore. Says your friendly minimalist whore. Minding that I’m no super saintly role model in this potpourri numericals contest. But, I’ve got this fantasy version of myself that lives in my head and makes public appearances sometimes. For homeless her, she maintains this goal of solely paying to store those articles of appreciation which she wears regularly and resolves to put/fit on her walls to bookshelves that will be admired often. However, I’ve still not quite maximized this minimization. So many of us represent generational hoarding. On Joe average’s page, terminating a personal relationship is widely known as a typically uncomfortable experience. Yet, we humans gravitate toward as much intimacy with all of our belongings. Abandonment is not entirely a bad idea. Where I’m jestfully ceding the stranding and polishing up a good few piles of the withdrawal pieces. Welcome to my donations doula mentality.

Nostalgia never goes out of style. ~Nick Bannister by Hugh Jackman, Reminiscence

I get into letting go conversations rather easily. It’s because I became impregnated by reduction instruction through a series of disastrous boyfriend mishaps. I was forced to load everything up, archive it, and start safe-housing movements. Sure, a lot of this feeds the gossip chain about my personal life that’s filtered through gobs of global communities in which I enroll my presence within. You see, since I’ve spent the last sixteen years slowly at first and then a tad further lickety-splitting giving up my 16x20 foot storage unit’s contents. I now talk openly and intricately about the boosts I receive from downsizing. We’re driven to accumulate beyond our means and needs. While scarcity is rarely a reality for those to whom I’m preaching. Truthfully speaking, oodles from our materialistic accrual might well support a meaningful difference in another’s universe versus simply being in your space.

Legions of us have a diameter problem. We’re bred for an assemblage of congregating possessions. Although, I think our keeper culture is a hostile enemy. We can call it a collection until it’s collecting dust compared to spreading its inherent wealth. I believe that each of our objects has something like that of a soul. Just as with earthlings, the moral fabric ascends the better its use. In deserving hands will always be an improved standing. Yes, it’s nice…


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