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Titans of peace forever flock. We must be apt to espouse them. We’re overtly and unwittingly wreathed with amity around the world. Guided by any global symbolism of quieting prickly qualms, serene havens may be merely a moment away. You actually don’t have to look very far to find that novelty we call ease. However, what’s typically required is quite a warp to our unshakable points of view that we scoff at the mention of absorbing a new stance. We prove jam-packed full of prejudices super speedily. We receive a reply that’s not what we were looking to hear or get nothing at all. Then we tantrum our way during the rest of the day, week, or month(s) ahead. We picked a winner, but others lambaste the loser modus. Here’s where dovetailing self + love blends a nirvana cocktail. Every angle unturned could be the slope of hope we ought to impregnate to settle us throughout.

Like water, we are truest to our nature in repose. ~Cyril Connolly

Our meltdowns can feel mighty merited. Especially when we’re offended, disturbed, or agitated due to physical or fearfully mental and emotional harm. There’s no fun in things not going as we planned. Heck, 2020 will retain a specially sinister set of memorabilia for many of us in this vein. Efforts this year have been extinguished as readily as travels, marriages, and (sad gulp) even beautiful lives. All worked up with plenty of places to go is hardly a show of how hip our cool factor is leaning. If provoked, misinterpreted, or encountering defeat, you’ll only pave more power struggles without dislodging from the ick. The quality of our spirit covets our conformity toward any motivations of relief. Calm and drama never had a chance at engagement. In the laws of the universe, there simply isn’t time to be lit with theatrics. The counsel of consummate relaxation is just a coaxing cue nearby.

The larger our commitment to contentment, the better our overall relationships intimately to publicly. Unable to bust a bonding-move between my fingers and brain for this piece of writing in the morning, I flipped the logic of my day to head out for errands paired with a lunch food-truck-takeaway treat. No sooner had I made it halfway up the little hill to the driveway than I panicked that I was minus a hat (needed for sun protection from recent melanoma diagnosis). I circled back to lift the frumpy farmer’s cap compared to the cute one gone walkabout. Destination van attempted again, whereby no keys in my bag! Down and back round another rotation. A lot of curse words could briskly prompt such intervals. Instead, I giggled aloud, grabbed deep breaths of fresh flowers along the path, while trusting I was being spared some vehicular accident. Exposing mind-blowing modifications to one’s cerebral calisthenics may originate with innocent orientation techniques.

Teach me how to speak
Teach me how to share
Teach me where to go
Tell me will love be there ~
Collective Soul, Shine

The unlearning of learned misanthropic behaviors is an unceasing case of benefit. Similar to my auto adventure is the common occurrence of customer service calls. Recently, it took four agents and two supervisors to figure out no happy solution to my coronavirus car situation. Essentially parked in Los Angeles since late January when I embarked internationally for my fiftieth travels, I’d now paid nine months of a lease rate for zero use isolating out of state with an oceanic divide. Not wishing to overlay blame on the top-ranking brand, I was bummed they weren’t offering any COVID support. The last-straw-lady was curt with me until I appealed to the sanity of spending money for no reasonable rate of return. A mother of three, she piped in empathy, plus a notation of the “non-sanctioned” SwapALease website. Watch for the pieces you can procure positivity from to act upon those.

White-knuckling is a waste of good blood flow. Quit when you’re conquering the pessimism game. Obviously, we can trade grander barbs than the couple I threw out today. Me island-country-hopping, landing in Hawaii to go no further for my safety, being swaddled by gorgeous ocean nature with rainbows, family, and friends are my chosen business to conduct politely come highwater to hellish minutes amidst. Yet, what we shouldn’t do, listen to, or follow is often much of the compelling mutation. It’s duping your inner fool with failure of succumbing to anyone’s planetary tirade. Nor your own existential crisis entirely. It is righting your plane of existence. One’s success with scrutiny sets them apart from the rest. Court your personal clarity so that it’s incessantly making out with curiosity. Surprise yourself with the proclamations of sensical sanity you can control in your life.

May you see fit to gift thyself substantial splices of soothing.

LOVER of life. Especially people, places, philanthropy and photography.

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