Abreast Boob Appeasement, Photo from BradensEye Archives

A sense of supportive care should be a foremost tier in any situation of threat. Alienation nation syndrome is my term for the separation of sympathy from the source of any issues. Such behaviors run rampant around the world. Personal experiences in my United States home have been more miss than hit. The acute triggers seem to stem through finances and healthcare. So caught up in a niche cycle of a business or profit, not to mention the profit of business, disconnect tends to lead over nourishing communications. Money managers don’t know how to speak with customers. Doctors to nursing staff leave patients reeling in the lurch of raising concerns. Police or first responders are only recently being cited with the public cries of need to learn about mental illness. Safety has never been solely a physical or exterior harm alone. Our emotional reaction to information is as vital a nutrient as that which we consume. Educating ease is the discipline wherein the gentle mothering that fosters loving growth is applied across life patterns.

Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrows, it empties today of its strengths. ~Corrie ten Boom

Threats come in all sorts of packages. There is the overt combat of violence or psychological warfare from a medical diagnosis. It ought not matter that your ailment is actually or potentially hospital, school, home related or beyond. Recently, I’ve been doing some new physicians dancing. Suddenly, a routine mammogram landed me in shellshock. Nearly naked from the waist up, in a front-exposed too-tiny-for-me gown, I was left sitting in silence in the tech’s radiological room. Typically, I recalled my prior five labs letting me get fully dressed after my exam. My intuition sniffed an air of anxiety, but their office was small and I reverted to an encouraging mindset. After ten minutes of waiting, the attendant returned to me with the doc in tow. This towering woman I’d not seen before began drilling me from her standing stance in the doorjamb to query why I’d not had annual checkups of my bosoms. She was not happy with my explanation that I self-check regularly, prefer less radiation on the whole, and received normal findings on all former x-rays. Then, I sat dumbstruck as she wove the word ‘cancer’ amongst ‘abnormality’ in a fast parade of accusatory sentences. It’s hard to make friends with fear.

Our greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another. ~William James

Loosening shell shock every time it’s in the spotlight is a serious whack withdrawal. I wasn’t offered all of my clothing, a glass of water, a nice place to sit, or even to stand to meet these women eye-to-eye as a barrier to the barrage that led to the midst of my mental meltdown. Tapping into my awareness, I steadied the tides of tension wanting to wash ashore my eyes as tears. Instead, I became a tad mad and stalwart. But it wasn’t until I was unglued about her overuse of ‘cancer’ that she self-proclaimed she’d not even breathed to me that l knew disarming was in my own hands. Once I started to counter her with my own set of questions and statements I found the tranquility to filter her assumptions contrary to my self-knowledge. I scrambled to locate the last images of my chest in my phone files to compare. As soon as I did, I felt the mania seeping from my pores. Sure, she was alleging a super ‘dense’ area of my body that warranted focus. Later, she backtracked aiming to establish that she didn’t surmise I definitely had the dreaded disease. I honestly don’t think she meant to hurt me. I do regard she missed any class in robust people-pleasing.

Everything we do is infused with the energy with which we do it. If we’re frantic, life will be frantic. If we’re peaceful, life will be peaceful. ~Marianne Williamson

One’s nervous system subsists more strongly through protection. Educating others about the importance of ease when dealing with humans if you’re in a field of human-contact is a more appropriate level of respect hinging on responsibility. Cultivating relationships, especially when we’re professing most intimate aspects of ourselves, is the ally of comfort we welcome. A girlfriend who listened to my boobs boo-hoo avenged the idea with examples of the spa-like serenity during her last breast review. Though my insurance doesn’t allow me to transfer my debacle to this recommended locale, it’s the essence of preservation of oneself in her point. When individuals instill their actions with compassion, even a low blow has the chance to be managed well. The brain is hard-wired for survival. If your natural instinct to freak out is tweaked the manipulation might merely succeed in provoking added mayhem. Long ago, my life coach was the first to school me on the possible bridge of anger and cancer. If we’re failing to address all symptoms of our pain, both somatically to psychically and literally to figuratively, we are asking for continued breaks in the chain of wholesome humanity.

Panic causes tunnel vision. Calm acceptance of danger allows us to more easily assess the situation and see the options. ~Simon Sinek

News that renders us in isolation is highly unsettling. Grown men do cry. Women are labeled as losing their mind. As Dr. Morris invaded my personal space, mouthing ‘cancer’ repeatedly (unbeknownst even to herself!), my already scantily clad vulnerability crept from beneath its shadows endeavoring to peak by suffocation of me within the four walls surrounding me. Touching my bare racing heartbeat, I sought to fight the tuning out I was witnessing in these two women staring me down. Bad words have an atrocious apparatus to trump an unspoiled environment. Terror lives with detachment. We don’t approach things clearly when we’re scared. Setting our state of affairs to handle time-warps in the future is at the core of mind mastery. Composure is light in the darkness. When we’re unruffled it improves our capacity to process. Unclenched within relaxing ambiance invites less lunacy. As we search for our lighthouse of relief via the restfulness of soothing signals, we stay frequent to positives opposing fright.

Everything you do can be done better from a place of relaxation. ~Stephen C. Paul

Elevated exposure to kindness will create lasting cures.

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