Even When Wired Up Sunshine Can Prevail, Selfie

Fanning the flames of our relationship to exuberance is emboldening. Lurking amongst any innard crevices of our downsides are the uppers. These are the optimism buttons just waiting to be pushed, plugged in, or turned on. Here is the chance to get out. Out of your head and into your blood-pumping attitude exaltation. Graduating to adulting with joy comes because of methodical collisions tenacity against the positivity pace. Bringing higher happiness, purpose, excitement, and hope into others everydayness is what my DNA tells me is helpful for humanity. In your whiskey or water, your pets and homework, a film or bird you watch, any meal or even lack of one, I dare you to draw lift lines to the highest mode of motivation. It’s no superstition that tinkering with happiness can magnify your rate of redemptive flirtations.

“Some of us get dipped in flat, some in satin, some in gloss….” He turned to me. “But every once in a while, you find someone who’s iridescent, and when you do, nothing will ever compare.” ~Wendelin Van Draanen, Flipped

Ability to levitate mood is both a civilized and magnetic quality. Accounting for both your own and any external climate of psychological condition, the proficiency for scaling the temperature of situations is incomparably heroic. Erupting with laughter to navigate through most anything is comparable to sailing top speed across any sea with solely the powerful wind. You intrinsically get the rush of unrivaled dazzle. This code of enchantment, while sometimes an inborn aesthetic, must be tastefully polished and certainly be cultured by any not innately graceful in its ways. To be in the presence of an elevation enthusiast is to hold court with the humans I deem more royal than the named monarchies ever lived. To infuse noble doses of benevolence into every pore of your being enthusiastically as much as is possible seems as dignified as any bestowed sainthood or Knights of the Round Table honors.

One of the main reasons that we lose our enthusiasm in life is because we become ungrateful… we let what was once a miracle become common to us. We get so accustomed to his goodness it becomes routine… ~Joel Osteen, Your Best Life Now: 7 Steps to Living at Your Full Potential

Complacency about one’s abundance is as popular as it is vulgar. Good vibrations are easily torqued when we’ve given up gratitude. Sitting with sadness or depression can have its source of exposing the root of why we’re stuck, in order that we may then uproot that very mess to replant a new seedling of support. If I steep in shadows too long, the light feels like it burns upon reentry. On the other hand, I find stirring humor and spirits is much lighter, easier, and worth trusting than mired in multiple layers of darkness. But flaws can be fortuitous fractures. The depths my lifeline has crept along remind me of nightmares come alive in some instances. When debating the use of hardship with a new girlfriend I was swept away with the ease of my confession that I would take the slings and arrows again to have the me I am today. I wouldn’t wish my pain on anyone, even my enemy, as compassion has risen so strongly with me through my years. It was that I’ve appraised the results of my latter decade to the former ones. The valuation is a treasure trove by comparison. Accepting elevation theory is the heart of the matter.

Enthusiasm is a supernatural serenity. ~Henry David Thoreau

Coaching lessons are applicable to every ounce of life I transit. Absorbing the energy like a plump seal sunning on the beach stealing as much sun as his belly will allow. Ignoring any ideas of sun spots, burn, cancer or that leathery-look that’s turned a fair few I know typically won’t panic me when things don’t go my way thanks to the years of indoctrinating my cells into patience, calm, and differing points of view. Holed up in a retreat space recently went awry due to the internet shutting down. Ironically, it took me nearly three hours to work through possible fixes before I thought to text my friends whose home I was watching to discover quickly their local utility company suffered a power outage. Letting the day lead me otherwise, they recommended a hip coffee shop to suss alternative online access. Therein, I stumbled onto a weekly women’s writers’ group meetup. I eagerly enthused my short fuse of missing precious data hours with a bounty of four new babe comrades of all calibers of writing genius!

Enthusiasm spells the difference between mediocrity and accomplishment. ~Norman Vincent Peale

Microcosm of life moments caught me sparing with two brilliant woman educators of the writing collective about managing conflicts in collaborative networks (translation: students in their classes, like we all once were ~ youth not quite established in our adulthood). Performances of entitlement, ego, narcissism, attachments, co-dependency, and a rugged path along lack of psychologically nutritious conduct can occur. One lovely lady with whom I resonated remarked how she starts tough in her lectures, not only to weed out anyone who doesn’t even have the slightest inkling of resilience to commit to learning about writing, but how this trickles into life behaviors moving forward in their future. I responded aloud with agreement, noting I’ve found that very pivot from dedication to showing up builds the manners of boundaries, whose assets are accustomed to accountability, that feeding responsibility, a discipline of robust intuition, and so we may see a nourished circular cycling of life.

Enthusiasm is the electricity of life. How do you get it? You act enthusiastic until you make it a habit. ~Gordon Parks

May shear scents of awesomeness substantially shower your world.

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