Reflexing My Responses, Photo by BradensEye

Duplication of delights is life fuel without forcing it. All of our ephemeral world bread is buttered with quality chunks. Interwoven aspects that fit each of us especially. The tastes, looks, smells, and comfort of spaces which ooze reassuring peace of our particularity. When I’m yearning, I search to recreate or mirror these centers of sobriety to counter those imbalances wherein we’ve become boozy back alley casualties of our personal wars. With the realization that I know what convulses me to pleasurable paradise like the best climax I’ve ever had, I improve those moments of diminishing return. Where I’ve been sun-bathing in well-being, getting my kicks from some deluxe decompression, or touching my emotional core of love to rebrand my outer reality mania through the simplicity of a nostalgic leap in time are all energies of authority I twiddle with to keep sane. Engaged to a larger percentage of enchanting echoes constitutes a happier lifespan.

Following what’s filled with flourishing familiarity is packed with good feels. It could be the way television is left playing all day with the ambient sounds of the football games. Growing up in the South where football is just as much a seasonal division of the year as the weather, having the game on remains a calming sedative for me. Then, there’s how flavorful baking wafts from a kitchen absorb into every tickle of my nose hairs, as thoroughly as their reaches to every corner of a house. When I want to lick your countertops to walls as readily as your ego, you may discern my infatuation with inviting myself to your sanctuary over and again. Why I cherish traveling to spend time with others often derives its motives from the consolation I receive. Coming back to exactly where I’m already aware I enjoy myself or being able to emulate the same summons an approach to longevity I’ve spent my first half seeking.

All that’s happened to us has come before us. Maybe it was created originally during some distant sun and moon marriage. The treasure in any of this is an understanding of the effects. I go to the seashore and I will blossom. It will not matter the size of my hurt or angst, as the ocean will take me in its arms to wash away those discomforts. In their place, I arrive as a young lover newly falling. Each time this works for me. It is a bandage I cannot buy at the store. Nor could it be sold to me by any means save the experience of meeting it to learn it is for me. It is my own casually and carefully won caveat. I have the good fortune of quite a few more. Take the hammock to mind. While beachside, tuned to the classical crashing waves ensemble, is sovereign to me, I’ve yet to meet one of these loungers that hasn’t satisfied. Perhaps yours is a penchant for pug puppies. Twinning isn’t reserved for fashion or physicality. Habitually, reward yourself with the reproduction of most astounding things.

I memorize myself the more I lend myself to perception. With each inch of aging, I better my abilities to ace measurements of what’s meant for me. My reactions to wandering a variety of homes along my earthen path vacillate between benefit and recoil. The fleshy tissue of my fabric is laced with a longing to find ‘my’ place (as if there is ever one single one solely for anyone). But, herein lies my sacrament. Each association with a shelter renders my nerves either an energized or agitated state. Internally, my exterior matters holistically to my interior. Whether a treehouse doused in light rainbows from the sun piercing the gluttony of windows or endless vistas soused with space for sinking my barren toes all around. A concentration upon redundancy heeding those elements that help me is essential. Therefore, reiterating what I’ve come to discover as my inherent wholesome recommended daily dose of ‘fill in the blank’ is my vibrancy in action.

The variety queen, the boredom wrestling champ, the voyage detective, the eternal you-don’t-get-this-everyday quester in me appears antithetical (even to me!) when it comes to the uniformity of copying what’s formerly been done. Uniqueness is unquestionably noble to me. However, I believe joy occupies more intervals of reappearance. For one thing, there is the uncomplicated confidence in being seen frequently. We all wish for an additional extent when positivity is at play. Our reliance upon an echo of excellence we’ve previously felt to show us the same showering deluge of riches strikes higher on our happiness scale. As with any education, from song to book or method to person, where the rhyme meets a beat that you are want to repeat then symmetry of a success slides beyond a one-hit wonder. Whereby, realizing the value of pacing our journey with enough comely constants will always be key.

The pulse of a perfect pattern is smack dab in the repercussions.

LOVER of life. Especially people, places, philanthropy and photography.

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