BradensEye’s Vision Board

Are you a visionary? Do you automatically see potential? If you have a vision for yourself or anything around you, likely I see it too. I came pre-programmed to see the possibility in everyone and everything around me. This is inherently a feminine trait I’ve learned through a lot of sociology and relationship teachings, such as the . I’m proud of the repercussions. It’s not an everyone optic. It does provide a canvas whose breadth is woven with dreams aplenty, some that overlap with others across the planet, some already in existence, but which one aims to bring to a different corner of the earth, some that never dared come to life, some that others find absurd, ones that produce peaks on the bell curves of one’s life, others that land with victory speeches and history-books-changing meaning.

Encouraging potential is part of what lifts up our world, promotes innovation, changes poor patterns of people and nations and crisis. Encouraging potential is part of my purpose. I accumulate more positivity through feeding off the goodness of others success. By supporting others adventures I deposit more into my own personal future ventures holdings. The more we commend the masses, the more room we invent for our own arena of cheering fans.

Yes, I want you to embark with bravado towards your most brave ideas. Yes, you should seek with courage and unflappable gusto any of the twinklings from your eyes. Yes, when I see that beaming confidence that doesn’t safety check the room after a presentation, I am proud. As assuredly as I am if you require a release of your breath only after applause. But, it is with both intrepid and unknowing steps forward that potential carves the future into a potential eternity, such as the . (Fun fact that I’m a huge Stephen Hawking fan!)

Potential-building encompasses why I manage and consult so very well — people, projects, ideas, and inspiration. I think I’m a great manager because I see the future with its rainbow arc of hope. Whatever you may want to keep growing, achieve at the moment or to come, or where you wish to leave your mark on the world, I am one of those that seek to help you preserve a well-oiled arc, build a new arc, source the best tools to build the arc, and/or connect with the best people suited to help you build that arc! Sure, Noah was flying solo for his ark, but I lean towards cohort mentality of teamwork. Behind, beside, nearby or historically, none of us got to where we are without another. Even if you only give props to the parents that bore you life for that instant, you’re not an immaculate miracle. Together is where it’s at. Harmonizing your own offerings with the weight of the world crafts the potential grand slam.

The art of excellent management requires balancing professional progress and personal emotions. It’s the yin and yang of a life. I believe you don’t choose between the two. When you’re working to manage an entity, you’re gently operating with all the dimensions surrounding that. Like a , the personal and professional sides of us may hold quite different personalities and tendencies. Personal tends to be more private and intimate. Personal lends a bit more into the psychology of why something will work our or not, as sensitive and satisfaction play their parts. Professional typically focuses vibes on productivity and outcome before empathy. Encouraging potential is a neat ability to combine the two into a sensational symphony, an Oscar-worthy film, a prolific story, the right of passage into a career, that invention that saves lives, a new school to build community, or the non-profit to support needs.

Each of us comes instilled with great gifts. Each of us moves through life with a heart. Whether the zing to your zang includes extra space to encourage others potential, or merely keep your own potential afloat, I hope this sways you to stir the hearts of others.

Visualize this- a world where prime time news, and around the clock, was more-so about encouraging potential. Keep dreaming!

LOVER of life. Especially people, places, philanthropy and photography.

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