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What we mean to do molds the difference. Those proudly purposeful choices you make often earmark your dates with destiny. If we want a great result we need to exhibit our greatest efforts. The way you workout is open for perpetually working out in your favor the more mood-enhancing energy you place into proper options that match your prosperous palate. I’d like to hazard a bet that regardless of how many clusterf*cks you’re still browsing for bruising or piloting as if pummeling is some right of passage you’re soul’s open to better stretches of exhilaration. Where we’ve excelled previously is an excellent source of building blocks for furthering the designs that may accentuate our future. Exercising encores that have catered to creating the lives we deserve to be living are our focal launchpads. Even amidst screwy spectacles of lasting lunacy you doing yourself justice persists the scope of empathy.

No snowflake in an avalanche ever feels responsible. ~Stanisław Jerzy Lec

Whenever we’re seeding our best business it shouldn’t affect our accountability. Although, the irony of a whole breakdown is usually lurking inside a few fellow characters clambering together to cause a pungent ruckus. At my midlife age, a pattern that’s become less choking while leaning into stoking the why I’m so swayed to follow pursuits that truly never suit me seems to be one of my therapist’s wet dreams. She’s typically greeting the same psychically rhapsodic titillation as I do when we retrieve the layers that have fashioned my failures. By reversing the coats of quagmiring that have occurred within me, I find the flecks of control to recoup any impending repeats. Expertly screening those berths we’ve tethered ourselves to unnecessarily, especially for extreme lengths (if you’re similar to me), will guide a halt to your environmental degradation. Ultimately, your strengths are your superhero savior.

A mind is a terrible thing to reject exerting as wisely as able weekly. However, heeding the call to stick to strands that highlight, bold, and capitalize our personal punctuation contribution might not appear so easily. I receive a lot of requests to accept the advice of others. Agreeing to disagree is as much a graceful art form as any Erté I’ve ever met. Distinctly admitting for you that I feel I held the go-go patent plenteous decades prior, I’ve been tinkling my latest years about how to compose impact that is both emotionally rewarding for myself and beneficial outside of me. Here’s a little vulnerable entertainment I’ve had fun trying to maintain as a novel habit: Ask anyone who’s spent at least a full day around you what they sense are your stellar traits. Offer them bonus appreciation for added descriptive specificity. Now, the clues to your kickass freedom are matching the spaces they noted to anything that flutters your heart.

And we don’t give a damn when the day is done

How hard the winds did blow ~The Dreadnoughts, Old Maui

The amount of adversity isn’t an issue. The quantity of your boosters is the canvas I’m fervent to unearth. Where is your incandescence so white-hot that you’re widely known for shedding fandom beauty? Though the world may come in hot and heavy, I wish you suffering merely my leniency. This begets the attention of all that is super well with me. When garnished in Daisy Duke sex appeal, I tend to deliver playfully authentic compliments. Since my self-esteem is raining supremely, I aim to share the wealth. The same goes for my preferred topics of culturally conscious travel, unstaged eye-catching photography, nearly any excuse for assembling in nature, ingeniously ideative brainstorming, or cleverly crushing prolific wordsmithing. In spite of my shocks, I’ve tasked myself to look longer into hugging my guilt, avoiding ducking shame, and bowing to anytime my guts surrender with eminent spunk.

Life is one giant caution button or that totally flawless communication that unequivocally leaves you soaring on optimism breezes. Uncovering our goodness joints ought not be some huge undertaking. Recurrence of performance which overflows your happiness is the acclaim worth giving all of your gusto. Today’s as ripe as every day to ordain your loving origin story. Commission the fate of echoing duplication in whatever avenues have presented you rapturous lightness, intelligent inspiration, and enough exploits of relaxation. May your repose retain their periods of continuance sufficiently. Virtuous joys, whence we’ve grounded in the truth of trauma-informed beings, arcing lightness of difficulty, along with shrewd aspects of humane autonomy for redemptive individualistic to collective serenity. Bravo to the dignity of decorum that glosses your shine.

Just think about the level of bliss if you’re mostly producing electrified fruits of labor.

LOVER of life. Especially people, places, philanthropy and photography.

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