Securing Serenity, Photo by BradensEye featuring Salvation Mountain

Outdated doesn’t have to mean outsmarted. You can wing as much as you want to God, but the underlying rummaging is a need for detoxing from any rotten roots with which you’re ensnared all of your days. I’ve never quite wrapped my wavy locks around our human deficiency for hanging on too tightly to anything that is snuffing the very life from us. Every phase of my existence has included an armed robbery of soul-crushing relationships. My personal arms that is. My own doing of latching so snugly to a disproportionate pile of poop comparative to the glitter of graceful meanderings. While this entire living affair can be an irresistible romance, we often make it a pessimistic date with darkness. Why we’re gravely attached to go to bed with and wake to whatsoever can drown us in sorrows is a dexterity I’m seeking to annihilate. The speed with which we get to exhaling expirations limiting us is necessary.

Love takes off the masks that we fear we cannot live without and know we cannot live within. ~James Baldwin, The Fire Next Time

Open wide to check all corners of where in your life things aren’t sorting in service of the beneficial you. What and when we need to let go can be tricky business. Yet, this ridding doesn’t have to be confounding. It’s the separation of cognitive mind manufacturing mental hysteria that is usually the cause of our instability. Instead, when we greet that arrogant egotism of self-mutilation at the front door with a prepared ammunition cache full of loving pride we’re signaling a setting of space to produce to abolish the violence of our own intensities gone awry. Our lapses in judgment for remembering to evermore seek that which is peaceable for our individual selves is merely a humanity defect. With the gluttony of options and people on our planet, it’s a wonder we don’t fail ourselves more! Unbinding our knots blocking a sleek sailing through all situations arises from the shrewdness of profitable detachment.

Conscious uncoupling has been a catchphrase dating as far back as the 1940s, though many of us jumped that bandwagon after Gwyneth Paltrow popularized it in 2014. Inherent in this idea is putting your intelligence to proper usage. As equal as the cockroach underneath your shoe, the goal is to side-step being killed off by the harmful aspects of one’s environment. Take aim for logging out from antagonizing targets. The real gift in this theory sits with the reason my brain wants to share with you twice weekly: I savor the power of well-used words, especially in accordance with any actions they represent. Our stories vibrate impact when they’re based upon solid decision-making. If you do anything wrong people talk. When you get something right people chatter just the same. I’d like to establish extra positive prattling. As we continue to choose to terminate configurations that hamper our upward mobility we reinforce our enhancement.

You reflect me, I love that about you ~Justin Timberlake, Mirrors

Thoughtfully weigh those memories you faithfully exchange with others compared to your foolish moments. Of course, there’s an elegance in honesty. Although, we’d much rather appear on top. When we’re swaddled with the enterprise of growth expansion we simply accelerate our own excellence. For all the discussion about climate change ecologically, I remain a bit baffled there isn’t the equivalent liberal drive for each of us to privately embody the identical capacity with gusto. I figure, if the United States’ twenty-first century can finally see a solitary state (all hail New Jersey!) requiring the teaching of this global crisis issue within their education standards, we should certainly be looping in similar elective sets of sanity. Expressly in these inflated durations with politics, an unprecedented pandemic, protests to riots, all along with Mother Nature’s particular brand of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) impending cyclical storms, we’re in for a longer haul unless guiding ourselves to better ground.

What bounces off of me to you is something I’ll refer to as sustained rebound. When I’m dialed into a tearful rage of anger hearing that two of the most compassionate living people I know, who also happen to be two of my best friends, received hate mail because 1) they are gay and 2) they are raising three impeccable adopted African-American children it is very difficult for me to accommodate patience. On the other hand, there’s the wisdom from the safety of one of their neighbors calling the police without stirring the pot of attention directly their way coupled with their own straightforward dialogue with the kids about why playing in the streets nowadays cannot be a priority while the world continues to sort its disease. Notable ricochets are always occurring. You’ve probably picked up a few during a recent Zoom room meeting or possibly in person for the luckier ones interacting with mortals somewhat regularly again of late. In your assembly of beings and doings, let what is hopeless keep its distance.

May your daring’s defeat all that is of no matter to the most delicious you.

LOVER of life. Especially people, places, philanthropy and photography.

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