I’m going out on a limb to state I think chasing fame, or wanting to be famous, is a gigantic misdirected use of ones energy. Indeed, anyone might achieve world renowned recognition and might get a lot of attention. But, what if true fame might be best served through what really makes you shine. And how about the notion that it’s less about whether that shiny bit is nationally or globally known, yet or ever. Maybe fame is available for everyone who wants it.

Here’s the rub on my brain stem today. I like this idea of possibility that what you’re known for amongst your family, friends, community, some niche group or the like is just as fame-producing compared to the whole planet knowing you. I’m blessed to have family, friends and associates dotted all over this globe. I’m honored to know some famous people within that list. Equally within this giant circle, I know a lot of people I’d pronounce may proudly fly a fame flag and don’t necessarily consider themselves famous. There are an extraordinary number of humans I know, with so many famous talents, that writing this was a little intimidating for me to decide what to share as examples. The breadth of what I claim as fame is brilliant and surrounds us in a variety of capacities. Think about it and look around you.

For instance, there’s my dad Dr. James Kuhlman, who’s widely known for his international business savvy as Professor Emeritus with the University of South Carolina; the field guide and former Bushmen tribe member ‘Chief’ Kgosikebatho Marota, from a recent trek I made to Africa’s Botswana via the company &Beyond; the outstanding actor and current Golden Globe nominee for the hit show Stranger Things, David Harbour; or my dear chef friends Joanna Fox based in the Los Angeles area, Alison Wonderland Tucker with her company A Wonderland of Food now in Portland and Ruthie Knudsen of Cooking with Ruthie in Utah. I could go on and on happily! There are just tons of ‘famous’ humans I know who offer a wide range of excellence: nearly everything I can think of including the arts (acting, directing, writing, producing, painting, music, circus, dance and more), sports and athletes, cars, fashion, chess, technology, all kinds of design, philanthropy, finance, photography, cooking, science, rocket science, authors, performers of all kinds, body workers, self development masters, doctors, nurses, cleaners, florists… gosh, I trust you get the idea.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I agree the fame of ‘everyone’ knowing you carries some great weight if you crave ego, are business oriented due to the monetization aspects of fame’s potential offerings, and so on. However, I’m posing a more personal concept of what I wish and want fame to mean in this modern era. I’m seeking and supporting an ideology leap, which only seems apropos for a new year. I suggest we each embrace fame as a more genuine game. For those that seek such notoriety, what if we honor them when they lead with their truth.

I’d love to see real people, of all fame levels, sharing the spotlights. I’d love to see people famous for all kinds of things on the cover of magazines, articles written about them in The New York Times, entertainment industry professionals offering representation for any that want to make a bigger splash like the well established stars. Now, I know some of this exists in snippets you can hunt down. I’m confident I can turn to Oprah, or Ellen, or Tony Robbins, or many incredible gurus and inspirations outlets I adore to get a hit of my kind of fame on many days. I’m just wanting the sea change of it. I’m an eternal romanticist probing for more permanent and far reaching results for all.

A large part of this is faith. I’m not talking about the religious kind, though it overlaps well within this theory. I infer a faith in what is important is missing from our daily lives. I believe as adults on the playing field of life, along with the generations growing up now and whom will be running the world, as well guiding us and those that come after us, we all have extreme visionary capacity. Only, without principles carrying more weight, I think we’re (the adults) failing them (the youth). We should lead way more by example. We have to prove that legit action, connection and communication are the most empowering aspects. This is my gospel. Herein lies the best tie I have to what many call religion. I do believe “truth will set you free”. This is my spiritual mantra. It coexists with your Bible, Quran, Torah or another.

I suppose if there’s one word that bounced so formally atop my head today assembling these thoughts on fame it is the word flow. I continually want to keep my flow. It’s when I’m in flow that I feel my personal super powers are at their strongest. Therefore, I’m confirming that one of my wishes for the world is a rerouting of energy where I guarantee you’ll create fame if you’re in your flow. Where, by being the most sincere you, you flow and fame can flow through you. I mean true fame. Great fame. Iconic, historically significant fame. Fame for whatever size group your gift is meant to touch. This could be for your mom, your Mayor, the President, your favorite country, the United Nations, the Pope, all the animals in the ocean, the universe beyond us, or maybe for everyone who has access to the technology to connect with you, or whatever circle. Let yourself flow.

Fame favors authenticity. Just be the best you.

LOVER of life. Especially people, places, philanthropy and photography.

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