A Look of the Feeling of My Soul on Fire , Selfie

This is a story about infinity. You see, I believe that we’re all infinite. Meaning, we’re all a unique soul, given a body at this time to exercise whatever life path, lessons, and experiences that unfold. Our souls are plunked down into a situation and then we get to it. Our soul stories share similarities (we all started in a womb) and vast differences in a palate of brilliant colors, shapes, sizes, and kind. I trust we’re given one soul, though we may live through many bodies. Some souls may remember prior body lifetimes. Some may only sense through déjà vu or dreaming, which is what my current soul has questioned about possible pasts.

Part of the purpose when I moved from beautiful South Carolina to beautiful Southern California was that my soul was seeking new nourishment. I didn’t have the words then, which have become familiar for me now, relating to the common phrasing about feeding one’s soul. I received that idea largely from the yoga and meditation community I encountered. My soul thoroughly enjoyed these people who seemed to smile a lot, spoke of bliss, darned pretty and comfy-looking clothing, and hugged a lot. These were definitely members of my soul tribe. As time led on, my soul cultivated an expanse of ravishing and alluring angles it may pursue to balance the long work hours. The outdoors beckoned options of ocean beaches, desert camping, mountain hiking and snow, and rolling hills and valleys of wildflowers with freshwater streams. Sometimes a soul can feel it won the lottery in theoretical terms and I still praise California for these varieties it offers.

Feeding your soul comes from feeling your soul. Mostly this is a story about why it matters that you insert the best of things into your infinity whenever possible so that you maintain a happy soul. I think the more you recognize that you have a soul, the more aligned you’ll be to consider taking care of your body and choosing things your soul enjoys to keep eagerness about living. When I began to awake to the idea that there’s a ‘me’ inside this body of me, it journeyed me to separate some of the angst from my teen years about my body changes or my lack of certain social groups or boyfriends missed. Since then, it affords me the same clarity through personal and business or career moments. I stop long enough to find the inner voice of my soul and we have a chat.

Conversing with your soul is fun and fulfilling. I’m being direct. I do mean having an actual dialogue with your soul. It’s yourself, but it’s the feelings inside your thoughts, coupled with the thoughts and the senses that produce in your body. I find I talk to my soul a lot in my car when driving in traffic or long distances on my own. The bath, a bed, a wide stretch of ocean blue or sky blue seems to summon a soul conversation for me. Do it in private if you like, or public and wide open spaces are ok by me. When you’re in the boxing ring conditioning, I like to think it’s a great soul conversation starter moment. Maybe your soul wants to talk when swimming or fly fishing. Whatever works for you. I only lead that you try. Sometimes I ponder that the street people talking to themselves are better off than most of us with connecting to their souls, as they’ve given up the shame of being seen doing so. On the other hand, I don’t prefer being yelled at about someone else’s soul conversation, but I do give it the room of possibility.

Your body is like your home. If you take the best care of your home, you typically expose yourself to more calm, seasoning your body and life with goodness. In all the house and pet sitting I’ve done through the years, I find a correlation between troubled people and the way they keep their home. It’s never exact, but it’s one place to focus to observe a space for combating negativity in your world. For example, review if you fill every inch of space and hold onto too much, don’t clean often enough, rarely share your space with others, or forbid natural and any light or air inside. Even the smallest alteration to begin a change is worthy — maybe you’ll invite a friend over for dinner and pull back the curtains to dine under the moonlight.

Baby steps are called this for a reason. Babies begin slowly to transition from being immobile on their own to roving around. They don’t go from womb to walking. Neither should you. Be gentle with yourself. Especially with infinity on your side, there is no contest to becoming the best at everything now or changing all things that could boost your oomph. On the other hand, infinity is no excuse to slack. Take each day as a new option to becoming a greater you again.

My brain woke me with waves of serious overwhelm. Lately, I waffle a lot between mild and serious overwhelm. I’d like to chalk it up to many things from a mid-life age, or sometimes nutrition, to the ‘yes’ that flies from my mouth too often before I’ve really pondered the ask. All of these reactions are missing the root soul component of me having a lot of personal needs. After a few decades of filling others needs well, the impulse of my soul is to fill mine now. I actually feel guilty sometimes about wanting to travel, spending more time with family and friends, or going to an inspiring event when I should be income hunting. The weird thing is that I’m allowing it all to be as it is — weird, uncomfortable, anxiety-inducing, insane, and basically tough to manage. Then, I’m heavily peppering it all with sweet spots — extra meditation moment of closed eyes before jumping out of bed, not dialing into social media or technology first thing and instead walking outside to give the sun a hug (that looks like me reaching high to grasp the air in the direction of the sun). I’m looking forward to travels while taking interview calls and following interesting career leads. My soul can choose what’s best. It doesn’t always have to choose the thing just because it showed up.

I bet we all know a few souls who seem perpetually broken, lost, disrupted, and even aggressive. I bet we’ve all been one of these souls in moments too. I thoroughly regard such people in need of the utmost love and care. Every soul is pure. This described is that every single is unclouded underneath the pain. It’s the choices of the body (that ‘home’ analogy again) which may cause fierce conditions and consequences. In essence, such actions are a soul crying for attention, support, or perhaps intervention. While I’ll never condone murder, rape, or violence of any sort, and have suffered as a victim with a couple of those items, I still demand that the soul of the perpetrator has a genuine core. It’s a rough road to compassion in the darkest of days, but I stand by being a better human for recognizing every body — i.e. every soul — has good at its heart.

Feel your way to what is lacking and feed that well. Bloom a better you! I hope you find a space to be in touch with your soul through this share. It is about feeling into you, and seeking what it is that makes your soul feel the best, and therefore how your soul comes alive in living. This is about connecting, creating, and capturing the innate fibers of your framework. A whole lot of life is built and maintained on compromises. Of course, they are a must, as we are not alone here. So we cannot confine our version of perfection to a circumstance which tangles with others. But we can influence the levels and places where we have a choice in compromise to match or elevate our soul’s inclinations.

Just as you would not ride a roller coaster if it makes you sick, equally I would hope you may choose to try out a rollercoaster if you never had and your soul was excited by it. Same as I would respect it’s just not your thing for any number of reasons. This is extremely personal. These insights are only as good as the honesty you put into them. At the crux is a trust of self and of this life to shower you with a map of ever-increasing and unfolding turns of excellence is you’re listening well within your soul and its body.

May you feel your way to a more soulful life by engaging with and asking of your soul all questions. Penetrating our own selves has options for everyday beauty and jitters, big life roadblocks, little corners of confusion, and massive explosions of firework size fusions of fantastic. The more you feel, the more vulnerable you may become. When I truly tap into feeling my soul, it might speak to me by a rumble in my tummy, a pain in my head, a hiccup or an all-over body warm fuzzy. I’ve learned that if I remember to ask and extract from the listening through feeling, the treasure is always found.

We hold the gifts to our own finest riches. For some, this may include material riches, while others focus on the richness of relationships as chief goals. We must keep ennobling our soul. While challenging to begin as a practice if you haven’t regularly, the results usually show a level of trust that harkens back to childlike intuitions of the best kind. A place where you know quickly and specifically what and who may be of significant value to continue. Call in all five senses to support your soul wandering. Feeling is primarily thought of as touch like a friends soft Velveteen Lop pet rabbit. But feeling is hardly exclusive to that tactile element, since the taste of coffee toffee ice cream might make you swoon, hearing Hamilton Leithauser might make you feel like dancing, seeing two lovers kissing passionately might make you feel all gushy inside, and smelling Penhaligon’s Halfeti winds you up feeling so frisky every time you’re a wild woman to watch (wink wink).

A wish my soul has for this world is battalions of SOULdiers, instead of soldiers. I’m no fan of war or fighting. I’m a lover. I think if we concentrated more energy and actions on the soul of what was wrong in places and the people where there is trouble we’d be a heck of a lot closer to peace, happiness, and more loving. Being a lover, I always want more love for all.

SOULdier on!

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