Enriching Me, Photo by BradensEye featuring some of my favorite blood (my nephew)

Feeding that which fattens our happiness is keen. Endurance is composed of a perpetual series of presents to open. Anyone can desecrate or lionize all limelight among the worldly stage. Yet, if we’re braced in the glitter of whatever we claim as goodness we’re more capable of damning downfalls. When something is right for you, you imagine you could teleport at light speed you’re so fired up. There’s a whole lot of math we’re calculating ongoing. How we’re aiming to figure out why to start one way, go another way, how to sort differently, whether anything additional or minus purposefully make the difference. Fertilizing favorites is our crop of refinement. The ability to count on what works in your affluent favor is the dash that has you dancing the finish line of life. Each new instance is the remainder we have to perceive. This decree is full of capriciousness to topple you from simply incidental to adventure. Letting go of all disability, prowess is your power.

Scrutiny is the fad of favoritism. Know thyself. I have way less than zero desire to miss out… on opportunities to notch more countries in my passport belt, laughing live with my nephew London at every one of his ages, and testing my limits of reductivism by planning a 2020 junk removal shredding party if all goes well. A girlfriend name-drops a global stop I’ve never met. Instead of restricting myself to being covetous or esurient, I set a call with her to explore a route of joining her. So, I listen more intently to what drives my comfort train. I breathe more deeply when wishing to activate an undertaking. I find that slowing down my awareness to sharpen integral details speeds up the availability of that which I want. A big component pollinating the growth of our predilections is those warm fuzzy rushes. Consider carefully, but don’t hesitate. One of the great means for enticing life is seducing your own pants off. I think gluttony is only gross when it’s lacking true love.

I was juggling a juncture of feeling fed up with Los Angeles. Oddly (or not so much for my pattern), I’d been far from the city the last several months more than the couple of days I’d blown through to collect routine doctor appointments, along with my mail. I’d quickly eliminated any seasonal affective disorderliness (though strong for a few I adore), as that would have been an excuse in my footing. Nope, it was a sheer case of disinterest in proximity to one of my problem children (the location itself). I knew that by giving a wider berth to the heart of the matter would likely promote my future plans most readily. Sometimes advancing one’s status stems from facts that are conversely adjacent to the results. By spending extra time away from the very kernel of my pivot point, I could accelerate my arrival at correct solutions. In swooped my sis to provide her sanctuary. The best living warranty is to fill your time with plenteous preferential treatment.

Besides the obvious family bonding hormones that harmonize to offset the inanity of life, extended weeks of domesticity always advise my parallel existence. Getting to mingle with how the masses do it perseveres the continuance of me convincing myself I’ve been on to something uniquely special for years. Until this writing, I’ve managed to evade mounting bills for childcare and college education, marriage, divorce or worse in those wears. Nonconformist to many, I’ve exchanged these missing pieces with the same preoccupation I assume the Pope puts into his crosses. I’m a devout liver. If I cannot share any journey with the love of my life (only because I haven’t sourced him with me up to now), I will cruise abso-fucking-lutely onward as if he might step in anytime. Everything is what you make of it, not what you think it takes from you. There is no charm in me waiting to absorb the zest of aliveness. We ought to taste the spirit of survival with supreme spiciness. Give absolutely and you shall receive.

He greeted me squarely eyeballs to eyeballs with those giant matching baby-blues, oftentimes grayish or with a hint of green. In a mere smattering of moons, my nephew London was now my height! Summer had been good to him and it showed beyond his inches. My heart was bursting with affection, even moreso after he affectionately auditioned his mom’s favorite curse words. Since my sister and I were raised on a heavy dose of sailor’s mouth, there’s nothing so funny to me as a youth trying to sound bullish or sincere flaring some cussing. It comes out as pure silliness. Allowing me to share space with him and his other half (my sisterly badge of honor) they’d become my current talisman. In choosing to oblige a lengthier duration outside the City of Angels, I was benefiting my long run. What he didn’t conceive was the byproduct of his presence. Lowering my risk of dislike, increased my odds of profitability. Pursuing passion that does embrace you takes the sting from inappropriate chases.

The way to do your all is full of loving choices.

LOVER of life. Especially people, places, philanthropy and photography.

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