Fickle Fetish

One of My Fickle Fetish Happy Places, Photo by BradensEye

Getting away with something can be such a rush. I think many of us love to lubricate that sneaky side of our personalities from time to time. A lot of people become addicted to a game of double-crossing. Some get in serious trouble for their deceptive nature. Yet, not all things are cunning are crooked. Perhaps we’re just looking for a release, a relaxation, a pause to the rush of life. These are specimens of fickle fetish to which I address today’s story. I’m speaking about the ripe reasons why to fancy a frivolous side of your fickleness.

Let’s just say I’m an accomplice to those times you want to be unpredictable or mutable in your routine. The general aspect of where I’m going with this is that infamous phrase called playing hooky. This is the technically benign cheating at a life moment. Maybe you want to skip work, school, duties, or anything habitual and normal. I want to give you a push to fixate on any of those peckish proclivities from time to time. It’s all a semantics game. But what if our fickle fetish was honored, even applauded?

I’ve been tracking this one company called Book In A Box I stumbled across which keeps stimulating my creative juices and I don’t even work with them (yet). I closely follow their job openings and have even made it to the final round of one interview process. Their culture and spunky attitude got my attention at the get-go. They shamelessly share they don’t care what you were to work, nor usually where you wish to work from (home or office), and how many hours you put in (if you can produce in two days what might take another five, then kudos to you for your extra personal time). Book In A Box highlights the bias I’ve built and with which I want to titillate your fickle.

Another friend was discussing his ideas with me about what he wants to cultivate as his company’s lifestyle. He sees a lot of playtime, beach parties, dancing, and connected space to help keep the creativity and energy on high. We both got excited thinking about all the places, festivals, conferences, experiences, and parties that could manifest. Essentially, I adored that he was honoring this idea I have of permission to success through what others may perceive as slacking off. Thinking beyond the box is what fickle fetish flavoring is all about. This is an opportunity to buck the norm. This is about reclaiming, or claiming, a capacity for positive spontaneity.

A fickle fetish isn’t about getting yourself into any sincere trouble. I’m preaching to the room in your life to live a little on the side of your yearnings. Divine a desire and allow the unfolding. You may seek to fulfill your hunger solo style, with another or multiple others. Scenery often plays a big role in my fickle fetishing action plans. There’s nothing like being a different place than usual to motivate my creative genius. From far away lands to the sanctuary of my original homeland, traveling is another fickle fetish incentive I use. Admittedly this is a freelance worker’s dream for fickling a bit more than most. The space shuttle has a new exhibit at the museum and you’d love to give your kids the time to see it, but can only do it during school hours, so take them out one day for a family adventure that will likely be of value and educate, while offering a lifetime memory. Maybe you’ve always wanted to fool around with your partner on a lunch break for a quickie. Both of you schedule a meeting the same time out of office and presto passion time! You can make all sorts happen!

The real rewards are set in the endless possibilities for balancing all that structure we muster. As well, giving yourself these perks typically has a sincerely excellent ROI (return on investment). Your energy is boosted. Therefore your performance is enhanced. Your love is heightened. Accordingly, relationships are stronger. The mind is engaged. Ergo workplace dividends. I’ll bet all my money on black that goading the generosity gangster inside of you will allow others an upper hand too. Awarding oneself with time to paint your toes, dance the night away, grab a suntan, or ‘steal’ some hours just for your whimsy is anything but flimsy fickle fetishing.

Here’s to tickling your fickle fetishness!



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