Fill Your Sails

4 min readMar 18, 2019
Full Sail Ahead, Photo by BradensEye

It’s every arousing motto of things going your way. When nothing can stop you and your stride is on high. Make way for that wind in your hair invocation. Sample silky sand sliding beneath your every toe. Feel the sun warming each pore of your skin. Hear the crowd roar for you. See nothing but net appear. Maybe you’re falling fast through thin air with a smile that could break any barriers. Your lover just proposed. You signed on the dotted line. You want to ring Switzerland because you struck it so rich. When our sails are fully stoked we occur as if nothing can touch us. Seemingly impervious to ruin, we’re extracting honey from the beehive of life. We’re infectiously optimistic and it seems our splendor should never end.

Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts. ~Winston Churchill

Humans are built to last a long time, provided we take good care of ourselves. There’s nothing in any instruction booklet providing a guarantee of lasting being filled solely by beneficial means. For every touching or rapturous condition that sweeps one off their feet, we may be faced with proving our way around subtle challenges or hellish mindfucks teasing any positivity like the Devil celebrating a killing spree. Finding our center, relocating our heart, and stringing back together the pieces of self strewn across an existential Rubik’s Cube unsolved tend to delve me into speed reset mode. Whenever the winds have been knocked out of our sails, it is up to us to find the tenacity to skipper until puffs remotivate our zephyr.

I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination. ~Jimmy Dean

Loitering in the dumps isn’t a place I want anyone to hang for ages. There are serious repercussions from sustained distress. Even as a cute drunk I was blacked out unconscious a majority of the time. Sometimes pretty is only a deceptive outside job. Comprehending the worst four-letter conclusions has kept me predominantly sober for decades: fuck, rape, shit, stop (please, excusing my bluntness, but the point is sometimes best made with sharp veracity). At the top of acing my entertainment occupation, I could be found doubled over an office toilet with the agony of a migraine late into the midnight oil hours. Present days, I want to suck at staying unhappy in any permanent complex to the greatest extent possible. So, finding every filler to set me into full sail boogying ahead is one of my most proactive stances.

The first principle is that you must not fool yourself — and you are the easiest person to fool. ~Richard Feynman

Getting to know yourself is as much an internal as an external ethic. How we care for ourselves is the utmost instrumental caper of our career. The knowledge of why we’re well or wavering constitutes the core of what will wind up the fullness of one’s sails. It’s logical that things won’t always go the way we want in any circumstance. Respecting the theory that a door signifies the affair of both opening and closing is key. Preparing for a full steam fulfilling life involves the gracious acceptance of this pairing. We may wisely guide our compass when we measure the influential filling of our sails to turn the tides that catch the winds to fill us again. Noticing where we are open and resonances therein, along with where we’re shutting things out, embodies the heartiness of all our matters.

I sat there luffing, as I heard the news that I wasn’t chosen for the employment position I’d spent the last six weeks awaiting a reply. I’d sought contact for an update having still not received a firm offer. Even so, I remained composed, professional, and upbeat. They were all honest reactions to the communication coming through the phone. I adored this person since before they were a huge success. The brand they invented continues to bring admirable value around the world. When they first reached to me looking for help to fill a valuable role with their company it caught me off guard. I had an out-of-body experience listening to myself offer myself. Through daily research reviews, a booming voice inside me brimmed over the potentiality of a major inspirational shift in my income pilgrimage. Now, I felt suspended from the bed where I’d been horizontal ready to catch my dreams only moments before. I knew this familiar grieving and began a plan to refill my sails.

Dreaming is like a recurring scholarship to supplement schematics for working out issues in our daily lives. A solid sleep packed with dreams and sprinkled with my darling dōTERRA oils took me into a restful snooze to reignite the seeds of energy I would need the next day to course correct my sails so they may once more adapt to envelop their arms into hugging giant breaths of wind. Then, instead of accomplishing everything intended on my to-do list for this day, I sunk my sorrows with a few rounds of phone calls to key friends to dish my disappointment and receive praise for my stamina wishing to charge onward with hope. Donating such personal time for myself is one of the most therapeutic ways to rectify abrasive life patches. Releasing my sadness with resilience reminded me there is wide open space for me to welcome all sorts of options into the emptiness of an enduring occupational outcome nonetheless anxiously ready to be full.

Free yourself through insight and watch your sails be filled.




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