Flotation of Enrollment

4 min readAug 12, 2022
Baring It All, Photo from BradensEye Archives of she/her Sayulita soaking

Don’t let you down. Humans have forgotten their way around honesty for the sake of caretaking an image that’s someone else’s version of authenticity. We’ve allowed our planet to flush with objectification and federal laws mandating rights to our bodies. In this world that’s chock a block with degradation, I’m a huge proponent for people pleasing of the individual kind. It’s that inward projecting outward self-business betterment ministry. Where we’re tapping into being the breaststroke, the paddle, and the submarine. Sometimes it’s less about the surface to shore and moreso focused on how you’re treading all the watery bits. I think many of us go through these drought-intolerant phases. The sooner we get on board with our personal opulence the swifter our aquatical translation. Plus, why learning to be an Olympian for your flotation of enrollment is an artful stroke.

To live will be an awfully big adventure. ~Peter Pan by Robin Williams, Hook

Surviving through others’ stories is a sure means to impoverished vitality. Life’s basically about pitting us between sink or swim flip-floppiness. Just as quickly as a sunburn, we can get burnt out on living. Especially when we’re going after another’s zone of machinations. How to pluck the buoyancy from our nosedives is the replete daily dripping I’d prefer as our hydration. Where any fear of drowning is actually seen as an excellent flood of fuel. Rather, this is how habitually you’re showing yourself worth. Are we letting ourselves get swamped with external noise or choosing to be drenched in our energetic journey? You should never have to adhere to any substitute for your intimate gospel. There is so much on this globe for you to plunge as your special path. Besides, floating your own boat is a lot easier than managing someone else’s yachting experience.

Submersively may be a glistening or bristling presentation. At once brimming with moist weightlessness or soused by the feelings of sunken engulfing. You want to relate to the secure sounds of you lapping up the luxury of sauntering the seas of your dreams. It’s simply no fun to be dampened by inhaling when underneath someone else’s drift. Yet, when we’re sopping up ethereality everything appears frothily light. Where you’re avoiding those parts before things have gone poorly. You must give yourself permission to reframe your horizon…


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