Be Bolder Than Any Boulder in Your Way, Photo by BradensEye

Pardoning is to liberty what the gospel is to any priest. Afflictions are too sadistically consistent for us to overlook the approachable arc of a tenacious reduction of release from the loads with which we weigh ourselves down. Killing all excuses that seek to meddle with assuaging our heavy heartedness is sincerity of the highest harmony order for our being. I’m a revivalist eternally wishing to be piped into as much positivity as I’m able to maintain for me and produce for others. Though it’s taken a string of decades, I’ve taught myself that a sizeable blunder is merely room to puff your effort to work stronger to surmount the challenge. Also, the more insulting the scenario the greater the extent of detail you ought to put into prying at your reflection in said situations. Blessed be my subscription to the forgiveness evangelist club providing me continued life, latitude, and the ongoing pursuit of happiness. May your margins of error agreeably meet with your ego’s self-esteem.

Inhale the future. Exhale the past. ~Unknown

I suppose it might be considered comical genius how fast I can usher turbulence into an otherwise rapturous life. As I sit typing from my pandemic paradise locale, while free-range chickens stroll at will pecking whatever they want from the garden since Hurricane Douglas recently did a dandy watering for them, I echo their ease with the philosophic pressure valve I opened within me yesterday. In one fell swoop, I mocked my own history with the impulsive friskiness of acting like my naive twenty-something-year-old self. Yet, presently far beyond flowery fakeness to be bashful as I could be at that rate, I violated my own terms of coherence. Us humans can be solid sprinters when it comes to artisan sour spots we design as pitiful proof that we’re debating (with ourselves, no less) the opportunity to allow transformation to edge in. If you’ve ever been surprised by someone you thought was a total toolbag suddenly going out of their way to support you then you’re getting the impression I’m hoping this preaching defends.

What about the idea that I’m an idiot in each misstep I feel has tripped me up? That which I let happen is my story and my truth. Instead of spreading exaggerated lip service outwardly, I may vindicate any crooked hunches with a flock of intelligent courage. Everything that hovers as daunting arrogance is really a crudely common emptiness waiting to be filled. Thus, I can join fuming in the privacy of her bathroom or bedroom to tell her there are brighter versions of herself to display. Same as I can waive my annoyance at all my gray hairs to color in some beauty. The sooner I make a merger between my responsibility and reality the better off my chill factor reigns. It’s when we unlock all of the aches in our history to replace them with palpable intent of felicities. Herein, we can translate all of the flak coming from our side or someone else’s into a symbolic squad of hallowed awareness. Taking our warp-speed of condemnation to turn it into a humble apology is what gives grace a good ride over the keystrokes.

Write until I find the words…
So hard to find this place
So hard to catch this chase ~
The Score, On and On

Forgiveness is not a one-way street. Some expect it from authority, while others stalk it with every ex-fling through all the legal marriage unions there ever will be. But actually, granting absolution of any wrongs is a systemic treaty with which we could do with plunging ourselves into the deep end just as closely as far away. How we forgive oneself is indicative of how disposable we are with people who’re not wholly deserving of being abandoned. I think it’s satirical when we’re adamant about violations that have confiscated our respect, yet looking at our own acerbic tongue gives us little pause. After each bad breath I expire venting a walloping that dampened me, I can choose to singularly accuse or I can bear the adaptable input of why I’m worthy of some change. In defense of processing, I believe the manner of resourcing pity arrives from experiencing our own fragility. A huge bout of resolve welled up inside of me lately. Compassion stretches the length of our lives, even if we make it an arduous race.

Determination is just a decimal point away from doubt. Rather than deadlock on a lull, let’s plump the cowering into shifting spunk. Let’s attach as much as possible to a stance of no attack. We can best shape our traversing this earth as coasting when we fuel that what we put out frames what will occur for us. I do the casting of those in my life, including me. Therefore, I’m able to cast anyone in a new role anytime I elect it so. I can swivel my snippy plus your lack of closure to view you as a holy innocent delicacy I was meant to feast upon a sheer short span. Perhaps I cast the role he played more than he played me. I can affirm that I only attract caring, concerned, consciously loving persons, especially men. I do know these humans. They’ve manifested themselves liberally, if but missing committed availability. They’ve presented themselves talking and treating me majestically. Forgiving others trains our brains for giving up all kinds of grievances petty to prominently royal. Laying our swords down is fighting for ourselves. Miracles are in effect inspiration we have afforded entry unto our space.

May we all lean so far into mercy it cradles us as the sweetest slumber.

LOVER of life. Especially people, places, philanthropy and photography.

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